Tatawa Kecil

Labuhan Bajo, Flores

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Dive Tatawa Kecil


In the borders of the Komodo National Park, this is a small island south-west of Tatawa Besar island offers fantastic snorkeling when the current is not too strong.
It is best to dive the Western side of the island with rocks, caves and beautiful Coral gardens in the shallows. Many Coral reef fishes, including large Groupers, Snappers, Sweetlips, Jacks and Sharks swim around.
Tatawa Kecil is probably the Anthias (small colourful Serranide fish) capital of the world!
What's more, Dugongs (Dugong dugong) have been spotted here.
Manta Rays are often seen on the Coral plateau on the Southern side, so keep your eyes open during safety stops.

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