Simon's Reef

Gili Trawangan, Gili Islands

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An excellent coral site made up a variety of distinct heads and mini seamounts rising from a sandy bottom at a depth of 35m. There are eight major heads arranged roughly in a figure eight; all are well formed and superabundant in coral varieties. The heads themselves are quite sculpted, with recesses and overhangs. The channels between the heads and outcrops are particular impressive, funnelling the current and concentrating large number of bigger reef fish into smaller areas. The coral variety is superb, with most types of stony coral well represented, plus a good deal of soft coral growth. Acropora (both Staghorn and Table), Star and Brain corals, Plate coral, Gorgonian Fans and Anemones are just a few of the many species on show, all in excellent condition. Fish life, particularly in times of strong currents, is biased towards the larger reef species and schooling species. Snappers and Sweet Lips are prolific in big schools tight in the coral heads; bigger Parrotfish, Angelfish, and Triggerfish are present, if slightly less prevalent; Trevallies and small to medium Tuna are quite common. This site is well populated with turtles and there are often impressively large Great and Barred Barracuda.

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