Coral Fan

Gili Trawangan, Gili Islands

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This site got its name for its abundance of large, white-polyped Gorgonian fan-coral with bright-red skeletons. They grow on the big coral bommies of this sites shallow reeftop. You'll find other types of hard coral spread along the bottom at 5 to 7 meters, surrounded by lots of reef and tropical fish. Small Copper Sweepers especially like to swim here. The shallow corals and colorful fish life makes Coral Fan a good choice for snorkeling in the Gilis.
As diver you often see Titan Triggerfish and Clown Triggerfish on this site?s outside wall, which drops from 8 to 30 meters. The strong current that feeds the wall?s healthy coral and fans make drift dives the order of the day. The slopes have varied fish life, including a good selection of Scorpionfish, so be careful where you put your hands.

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