South Male Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Ranikan

Reef Sharks Drift

West of Maadhoo Falhu, forming the corner with the edge of the atoll, and from 5 to 30m there is this Kandu with a big rock at 23m with caves and cavities along the channel. On the rocks there are gian moray eels, black cheek eels and blackspooted eels. In the past, hammerheads and grey reef shars have been seen in this dive site, but lately is rare.

As the Kandu faces south - south west, currents can be swift and weird, moreover during spring tide and during monsoon changes, so is advisable to take a safety balloon and conserve air.

If the drift is long enough, on the inside of the chanel, there is the Rihiveli Wreck, just on the south side of the Rihiveli entrance, at 15m. It was sunk by the resort.

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