Prisca Corner

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Prisca Corner

The reef crest at the corner slopes gently down to at a plateau at 10 metres with some bommies to shelter behind and catch your breath before heading out into the stream. Or you can use it at the end of your dive to look at Shrimp-goby holes in the sand or Blennies sticking their heads out of vacant worm tubes. The reef slope on the barrier side is a steep drop to the sandy shelf at around 30 or 40 metres. White-tip reef sharks will either be darting back and forth in strong currents or basking on the bottom when the flow is drab. When there is a reasonable current flowing, Eagle rays and Grey reef-sharks like to casually flex a bit of muscle.
Around the corner in the channel, the reef slope is a wall grooved with overhangs fringed with the lacework of sea fans and adorned with purple, yellow, orange and pink spiky shrublets of soft coral. ?Redfish? - Squirrelfish, Bigeyes and Soldierfish - will goggle as you drift by. Other denizens of the overhangs are Sweetlips and Morays. If you can manage, use a torch to look for Boxer cleaner-shrimp in the crevices.

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