Manta Point

Gili Trawangan, Gili Islands

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Dive Manta Point

Big Fishes Reef Drift

Manta Point is generally an easy dive site, sometimes the current gives you a fine drift. The best season to see Mantas, is from March to May, though February and June also offer good possibilities to see them. Mantas can be seen sporadically year-round. 17 Mantas have been seen here at one time.

The nutrients carried into the water by runoff from land, make the mantas more active. So, the lower visibility that divers may encounter during the rainy months of November and December can actually be a blessing in disguise.
Even if you don't see mantas, this is a rewarding site for divers of all abilities: you still have a good chance to see Reef Sharks and Turtles, lobster and moray eels in the rocky parts of the reef. Look also for cuttlefish hovering over the corals, flashing their brilliant colors. The cuttlefish's ability to camouflage itself is incredible. It is even able to mimic the reddish algae found along the bottom here. You can also see the sleeping white tip reef sharks around the bommie coral. It's around 17 meters deep.

This is the best place to see the Acropora reef

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