Manta Alley

Komodo, Indonesia

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Dive Manta Alley

Big Fishes Reef

This area is marked with very large giant Trevallies, Sharks, beautiful Coral and a high diversity of other invertebrate life in relatively shallow water between 5-20m depth. Sometimes lots of Manta Rays may be seen feeding between September and January each year.
The tiny rocky islands in this southern Komodo bay are great for snorkeling and diving, even if there are no Manta Rays.
Only little damage has been done to the Corals in this area and the damaged Corals seem to be recovering rapidly. The best diving entry point is on the northeastern side of a rock located near a Coral mound that is submerged 3-5m below the surface The temperature of the water can drop to the low 20°C range and this site tends to be current-prone.

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