Letuhoh Reef

Komodo, Indonesia

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Dive Letuhoh Reef

Big Fishes Reef

Big Potato Cods, Gray reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Turtles, schools of Rainbow Runner, dogtooth Tuna, giant Trevally and Snapper frequent this reef. There are also large Coral-encrusted pinnacles.
This reef extends south from Tanjung Letuhoh and consists of big boulders and pinnacles that offer some of the best big-fish diving in Komodo.
The optimal time to dive is during falling tide when a counter-current flows northwards.
Recommended dive entry is on the southern-most rock that breaks the surface.
Hang out on the reef face and watch the show, which is particularly good at around 30m depth. Swim clockwise around the rock where you will encounter some big pinnacles encrusted with Corals. This site is affected by surge and can look quite frightening from the surface especially when there is a big swell running; however, conditions are less terrifying underwater.

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