Lady Christine

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Cave Deep Wreck Reef Wall

The boat was laying communications cables when ran onto Gaafaru Falhu reef, creating several holes in the hull. It took more than a week to sink, so they could hire local people to recover the cargo. While trying to save the ship, they blasted some coral areas that can be still recogniced as holes in the top reef. Most of the wreck is scattered at 10 meters, and is possible to recognice it at low tide. At the end of the reef there is a drop down that goes to more than 50m. If visibility is good is possible to see schools of barracuda, wharks and pelagic fishes. On the reef green and hawksbille turtles are often seen, and at 30 meters there are two caves connected by a swimthrough were usually white tip and nurse sharks rest.

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