Helengeli Thila

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Helengeli Thila

Cave Reef Sharks Drift Wall

The thila is situated at the east side of Helengeli island, and creates a perfect passage with amazing current point. No doubt this is one of the main points for seeing fishes in north male, moreover with the current is really strong (maybe more than 6 or 7 knots). The Helengeli housereef is just 40 meters away to the east, but the channel is deep and the current strong so is not advisable to try to cross it. The thila is around 150m long, with the nort west side for the best coral formations, cliffs and overhangs, with some caves at 25m. Next to the caves there is an anchor of unknown origin completely covered by coral. In teh surrounding and in the current point is easy to see white tip wharks, great barracudas, and schools of black trevally or black snapper. On the top schools of fusiliers are common adn also giant and potato groupers. With strong current take care of not being washed away and carry always your safety balloon.

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