Cannibal Rock / Batu Buas

Komodo, Indonesia

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Dive Cannibal Rock / Batu Buas

Ambiance Reef

This site is famous for its varied and colourful invertebrate life. Rich soft Corals abound as well as sea Apples and other sea Cucumber species. Amongst many surprises are flamboyantly colored Nudibranchs, and fire Urchins with Coleman Shrimps.
The fish life can also be quite good at times with an array of Scorpionfishes, schools of Red Snapper and Surgeon fish. Unusual creatures such as Pygmy Seahorses and Frogfishes may also be seen.
Cannibal Rock is a small seamount in the well protected Loh Dasami Bay, between Rinca and Nusa Kode, which allows for easy diving with little current. Night dives are excellent, especially on the sandy slope of the Northern side of the island starting at about 25m depth.

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