Batu Tiga

Komodo, Indonesia

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Dive Batu Tiga

Big Fishes

An excellent "big fish" dive. Large boulders in deeper water to the West offer excellent habitat for Groupers and other creatures. Manta Rays, giant Trevallies and other fishes are frequently seen here. Most of the Coral growth is stunted as a result of the strong prevailing currents.
Batu Tiga is without a doubt one of the most current-effected sites in Komodo and is tricky to dive.
A rocky reef is situated south-east of Tanjung Kuning in Linta Strait and extends below the surface up towards Komodo Island.
The best diving entry is at the Northeastern side of the three rocks. Swim counter-clockwise until reaching some big boulders at 33m depth. After exploring the area around these boulders turn around and swim back, keeping the reef to your right.

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