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3 Wreck dives

3 Japanese World War 2 shipwreck dives, over a full day package. Depending on your certifaction level to what wrecks you can dive but there are dives from open water beginners all the way through to the most advanced diver. Includes: Lunch on the boat All equipment rentals Marrine Park fees Boat fees Instructor guide No hidden charges or fees

El Nido Bacuit Bay Dive Seafari 2 days / 1 night

Experience the opportunity to see the beautiful scenic Limestone cliffs and the underwatermarine environment of El Nido, Bacuit Bay. We offer a combination of Scuba Diving and island Tours for our guest, which both divers and non-divers can enjoy. At night, we camp on a beautiful island and we have BBQ dinner. Our El Nido Bacuit Bay Seafari is 2 days and 1 night inside Bacuit bay with a Maximum of…

Discover Scuba Diving - 2 Dives

People who have never experienced diving can try it. First, we conduct a short lecture on the beach, discussing equipment and how to dive safely. Second, we build your confidence through a practice session in shallow water. Finally, we take our new divers to explore the amazing wrecks, corals and fish of Coron or Sangat Bay. Discover Diving students are always accompanied by a certified PADI or…

PADI Open Water Diver Course

The most popular and widely recognized scuba course in the world. You will learn the BASIC principles and scuba skills then use these to explore the underwater world. Includes 5 modules, 5 confined water dives, 4 open water dives, open water diver manual, dive table, dive logbook, dive gear use, DPP sticker, training materials, speedboat use, processing of certification card/s, snacks, transfers…

PADI Open Water + PADI Advance Open Water Courses 6 days (9 Training dives + 1 FREE Dive )

PADI Open Water + PADI Advance Open Water Courses 6 days (9 training dive + 1 Free dive) Open Water Course:Thisis the first level of training for people like you that want to learn to dive. The course is taught in a professional, safe and FUN environment. The course is divided in 3 sections: 5 chapter theory, 5 confined open water sessions and 4 open water dives. all open water divers and or…

Diving in Palawan

Palawan is diving haven north, south and in between. The place is abundant with diving sites of ship wrecks and coral reefs, not to mention its clear waters that is simply reason enough to make Palawan a favorite dive destination.

The whole year round is diving season in Palawan, but sites are especially remarkable come October to May, when the waters are mostly calmly rested from the bashes of tropical storms. To start off, Palawan’s most interesting dive sites is the Black Island Wreck, located east of the Malajon Island, which is some 3 to 5 hours from Busuanga Island by banca ride. This diving site in Palawan can reveal so much at a 65 feet average depth, but can can mesmerize divers at the maximum depth of 104 feet.

The Concepcion Wreck or Taiei Maru just south of Concepcion Village in Busuanga. This coral covered ship wreck is about 2.5 hours from Concepcion in Palawan, and reveals excellent reefs at 52 feet, and more at its maximum depth of 85 feet. The corals are an abundant haven for different fish species and a wonder to even the veteran diving enthusiast.

Lusong Island has the enigmatic Lusong Gunboat Wreck at its southern end. After about a 2-hour banca ride from the island and as shallow as 20 feet, the wreckage Palawan diving site can already reveal so much to the diving aficionado and make a good impression on Palawan as a worthy diving destination. At its maximum diving depth of 33 feet the wreck site becomes more colorful with schools of fish roaming and just innocently enjoying the nooks and crannies of the reefs.

Not far between the Lusong and Tangat Islands, Palawan, is the Olympia Maru wreck. Astounding Palawan coral reefs inhabited by daring and wicked-looking sea creatures, like the scorpionfish, mark the Japanese freighter sunk in 1944 at the end of the Japanese War.

In between Lajo and Manglet Islands is another exciting Japanese wreckage in Palawan, the Akitsushima, a glying type of boat tender sunk in 1944 near Coron, Palawan. It exhibits amazing fish life and habitat.

Another Japanese freight sunk at the end of the Japanese War is Kogyo Maru. Just south of Olympia Maru and very near Lusong, this 520-foot vessel has deep coral reef 110 feet underwater and mysteriously dark with less light penetrating even in day time. The above are just some of the diving sites Palawan offers to diving fanatics. Palawan blossoms with diving reef sanctuaries for those who want extra ordinary underwater adventures.

El Nido, Palawan

Travel to Palawan

Palawan, a region of islands in the south-west of the Philippines is made up of groups of islands and known as the last frontier of the country. Among these, diving in the Calamian group, in the north of Palawan, are home to some of the most spectacular scenery, ranging from limestone cliffs, thermal lakes and underwater caves.  Jacques Cousteau described this area as “the most beautiful place I ever explored.”  With over 1,800 islands, pristine beaches, world-class diving and a diverse wildlife you will understand why.

  • Green Nudi, Coron Palawan

    Green Nudi, Coron Palawan
  • Dive Map El Nido

    Dive Map El Nido
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  • Whaleshark Outside Irako Maru, Coron Palawan

    Whaleshark Outside Irako Maru, Coron Palawan
  • El Nido, Palawan

    El Nido, Palawan
  • Electric Clam, Coron Palawan

    Electric Clam, Coron Palawan
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  • Barracuda Lake, Coron

    Barracuda Lake, Coron
  • Akitsushima Machine Gun and Bomb, Coron Palawan

    Akitsushima Machine Gun and Bomb, Coron Palawan
  • Razor Shrimp, Coron Palawan

    Razor Shrimp, Coron Palawan