Black Island wreck

Coron Island, Calamian Group

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It is located in the east side of Malajon Island, alias Black Island due to its black rocks. The wreck is right in front of the beach next to a ship stranded on the shore.

The 45m (148ft) long coastal ship of unknown origin lies upright on a sandy slope. The bow at 32m (105ft) and its stern at 20m (66ft). Marvellous, relatively shallow wreck diving for beginners, photographers and night divers with a lot of fish. Around the superstructure you may find a lot of big scorpion- and red lion fish, small shoals of bat fish, big shoals of snappers, fusiliers and sea basses, trumpetfish, six-banded and imperial angelfish. The body of the ship is densely covered with sponges and hydrozoen. Corals are scarce at the west-side of Malajon island, but in case of strong currents you may find open sea (pelagic) species like hammer heads.

The general conditions are calm with slow currents. But this area in the South China Sea is not protected and it could get very rough with extreme currents. During bad weather conditions please refrain from the trip. Visual Range 20m (66ft).

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