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The Try Dive is a dive mini course for people who have never dived before or don’t have the time or desire to do a full course to get certified. The course consists on two dives. At the first dive you will learn four basic skills which gives you a basic idea about your equipment and saftety and enables you to dive in a safe way:Clear the maskRecovery and clear the regulatorComunication with hand…


The PADI Rescue Diver course prepares you to deal with dive emergencies, minor and major, using a variety of techniques. Through knowledge development and rescue exercises, you learn what to look for and how to respond. During rescue scenarios, you put into practice your knowledge and skills. Topics include:Self rescueRecognizing and managing stress in other diversEmergency management and…

Fun Dive 2 tank per day

If you already have your diving license, this plan is perfect for you. Designed according to your experience and level of certification we offer different diving plans and places. We suggest you take a look at our diving map, where you can find out about different dive sites, their levels of experience and attractions. Includes• Local guide (Divemaster or intructor) with knowledge of the routes,…


The Open Water course is the first level of certification that offers PADI. It’s a process you will learn the basics to dive independendent from a pro. At least you will have a recognized certificate to dive around the world. 1st day (full day): the student will watch some educational videos of dive theory, in which he will visually learn 28 skills that every diver has to know. After the theory…

Discovery Scuba Diving

Live the best first scuba diving experience. This plan are designed for beginners over 11 years who want to experience the magic of breathing under the sea, observe the diversity of colors, textures and animals You will do two dives to a maximum depth of 12 m for a time of 25 to 45 minutes each, accompanied by an instructor who will guide you all the time and who will take photos and videos of…

Scuba Diving in Colombia

This country is regarded as one of the many marvels in the diving-world, due to the several features of its two oceans. The richness in its vegetation houses a wide spectrum of native marine species that have adapted to its unique condition. Diving in these waters means visiting exuberant national parks, sanctums full of fauna and flora, being able to view some of the most amazing underwater species known to man, and more!

Caribbean waters are always recommended to inexperienced divers, since its water is crystal clear, with gorgeous coral formations, colored fish, and as previously stated, because of its shallow waters (which range starts at about 3 meters deep). The clear waters of the San Andres and Providencia islands with its pristine coral reefs are perfect for divers of all levels. And not to forget Capurnaga, a jewel hidden in the border of Colombia with Panama, not easily accessible, but in exchange offering superb diving.

On the other hand, the Pacific Ocean is usually targeted by more experienced divers since there is less visibility in its waters, as well as changes in tides, currents and temperature. The islands of Malpelo and Gorgona, famous for the encounters with schools of hammerhead sharks and manta rays, undoubtedly offer the best Pacific diving in Colombia, however they are not easily accessible. Bahia Solano, on the other hand, is a mere 35-minute flight from Colombia's second city Medellin, and serves qualified divers who make the journey to the Pacific coast to see the whales.

Many of these areas are Marin protected islands, and because of these reason it’s necessary to be accompanied by a guide (or instructor), which are always easy to find given the large amount of diving centers in any major town. We need to say that the only way to access Malpelo island is via Liveaboard trips.

Colombia has created a diving network, which is a system which coordinates the efforts of many licensed diving professionals in Colombia. This global network has the purpose of granting tourists an easy access point to search for diving centers, destinations, diving products or materials, and other diving-related services in Colombia; this doesn’t only benefit tourists, it also delivers potential customers to the many diving services registered on the network.

School of Hammerheads

Travel to Colombia

Colombia is a tropical country of South America, known world-wide for being one of the best coffee producers to date. It occupies a small part of the tropic, with both of its shores being graced by two of the planets largest oceans, the Pacific and the Caribbean.

This country is much more than just good coffee, beautiful women and kind people, it is also home to over a hundred bird species (not including migratory birds), as well as hundreds of underwater ones that live in the Pacific Ocean’s elegant underwater gardens and the Caribbean Sea’s practically unlimited pool of life. These former aspects of Colombia, combined with its humid tropical climate make it an unforgettable memory that any diver would deeply cherish.

Colombia has a coastline of over 2900km, which include rocky beaches, sandy beaches and cliffs that display great extension and coloring make Colombia not only a huge touristic attraction, but also the only country in South America with such stunning qualities. 

For those who seek more than just an underwater experience, the country also offers tours and on-land trips to through the country’s jungle. Transportation is well found, though exploring the country alone is ill-advised.

Needless to say, Colombia is one of the most bio diverse zones in the American Pacific, and makes for a great journey full of life and beauty, with tons of stuff to see and do, whether planning on going diving or not!


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    School of Hammerheads
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