Dive in Capurgana

Diving in Capurgana


Capurgana is one of those paradise spots in earth, that because of its difficult access and lack of massive tourism, it preserves one of the most virgin reefs in the world. Each dive site is amazing for the richness and diversity of its coral reef. This allows a number of marine species find refuge and home.  

Because of its hard accessibility, you can still find many coral reefs in good shape and with an abundant variety of life forms. Here you can see a great diversity of corals and marine life like lobsters, groupers, surgeon fish, angelfish, damselfish, parrot fish, trumpet fish, snappers,nurse sharks, hawksbill turtles and other typically reef marine life.

You can find more than 30 dive sites, among them excellent wall dives specially enjoyable for advanced level certified divers. There are also shallow places for beginners too. Some dive sites are Cabo Tiburon, la Grieta y La Cueva del Mero. Capurgana also offers the unique opportunity to dive in the nearby paradise island of San Blas, in Panama.

In case of accident, the closest decompression chamber is at the Hospital Naval in Cartagena.


Travel to Capurgana

Capurgana is located in the Gulf of Uraba, and it's the largest bay on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It is a perfect place for diving and snorkeling, as here you can find a wide variety of marine life and coral reefs. It lies on the border with Panama, which allows you to dive also in San Blas Islands. In Capurgana there are abudants rainforests and white sandy beaches.

From your country you can take a direct flight to the International Airport of Albrook in Panama city. From there you can take a flight to Puerto Obaldia and once there reach Capurnaga by boat (it’s a 20 minutes trip). Another way is to take a plane to any of the international cities of Colombia (Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, etc) and then take a flight conection to Capurgana.

Capurgana is a small town, however it has various possibilities of accomodation. It has 5 hotels with excellent ecotourism infrastructure, and possibilities to hostels, huts, posadas familiares (local b&b style lodging) and campsites. The means of transport here are bicycles, horses and boats. You can't find cars in Capurgana.

Besides diving, Capurnaga offers a variety of trips inland or by the sea, where you'll discover the amazing Caribbean coast of Darien. It has a lush vegetation, and stunning islands and beaches. You can do hikes, horseback riding, kayaking and boat trips.