Turtle Rock

Capurgana, Colombia

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Dive Turtle Rock

Ambiance Deep Reef Wall

Some of the most fantastic sites, easily accessible and of moderate depths, for those who want to enjoy an exceptional submarine landscape and to observe, in very safe conditions, the life embedded in crevices and walls. Turtle Rock is an enormous rock in the upper toadstool, 40 ft in height; its upper part is a rounded dome, of some 35 ft in length and 20 in width, which resembles the shell of a giant tortoise. The rock, formed by erosion, is separated from the wall by a deep crevice which surrounds it and continues to its base, much thinner than the upper part. The crevice has a dense coral cover, sponges and algae. The crevice and its walls present its own eye-catching communities, typical of vertical and shady walls. Ideal for detailed exploration, preferably with the help of a flashlight to reveal the intense reds and oranges on the concavities next to the rock. The external surface or wall of the rock is open to the ocean and continues to 140 ft, on a cliff face or wall which can be explored in another immersion, as inspection of the rock takes at least 35 minutes of diving.

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