Dive in Michigan

    Eliza H. Strong Eliza H Strong, USA

    205' long steamer wreck. This is a good dive for a first timer. Shallow, easy access, can be seen from the boat most days.
    Collided with iron propeller LEHIGH in a thick fog. Bound for Chicago. Sunk June 1, 1887.Type: Wooden schoonerDimensions: 129 x 26 x 13Condition: Hull partially collapsed, centerboard standing. Coal cargo and anchor chain present. Part of decking nearby. Damaged by salvage effort.

    Monrovia Alpena, USA

    The Monrovia was built in 1943 as the Empire Falstaff. She?s a steel freight steamer with an official number of LIELOF (Scotland). She?s 430? in length and 6,700 tons. She sank on 6/26/1959 in 90-150 feet of water due to a collision with the Royalton 13.5 mi @ 107 degrees from Thunder Bay Island…

    New Orleans Alpena, USA

    Collided with steamer WILLIAM R. LINN in heavy fog and sank. Most of crew boarded LINN when the vessels were "stuck together." Located 10 mi from Thunder Bay Island Light.Type: Wooden propeller, bulk freightDimensions: 232 x 38 x 14Condition: Generally intact but broken in the center and split at…

    Nordmeer Alpena, USA

    Miscalculated a turn and ran aground 7 miles northeast of Thunder Bay Island. Expected to be recovered, but a big storm a few days later wrecked her bottom. Her crew stayed aboard after the grounding, planning to assist with the recovery, but had to be rescued by Coast Guard helicopter during the…

    Anita's Wreck Anita s Wreck, USA

    The Blue water bridge is a nice drift dive, a couple of wrecks.

    America Wreck America Wreck, USA

    The America was the old ferry that transported people from Wisconsin to Isle Royal National park. It sank however when it struck a shoal. Still today the incoming ferry stops to let passengers see the wreck which is visible from the surface, its bow cutting the current.The America is an amazingly…

    Sandusky Wreck Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Preserve, USA

    Sandusky Wreck Lost is storm in September 1856110 x 25 x 11 feet, 225 ton, grain cargoWooden shoonerPropellercarved bow spree

    William Young Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Preserve, USA

    Schooner Barge148' longLost 1891Built 1863 Marine City MichiganHas a great Ships WheelSits uprite Bow damage from collision but the rest is intact.Penitration is possible.

    Elmwood Wreck Elmwood Wreck, USA

    Higgins lake Higgins lake, USA

    Mary Alice B Mary Alice B, USA

    Tug, sitting upright on the bottom, nearly completely intact. The Mary Alice B. is recommended for Advanced Divers due to the depth and poor visibility. The Pilot house is intact, and divers can penetrate the engine room, however it tends to silt up quickly. Be careful, know what you're doing.In…

    Spring Mill Pond Spring Mill Pond, USA

    Spring Mill Pond has a public beach with changing and bathrooms.A good place for an afterwork dive or if you have limited time on the weekend.There are also hiking and biking trails.One training platform and few thing to find (toilet, paddle boat, etc).Have seen several large trout and is know to…

    Three Brothers Three Brothers, USA

    The three brothers is a great wreck for beginners because it offers a range of depths to choose from. Due to the fact that the wreck had been covered by sand for most of the time after her sinking she remains intact. The wreck however is on the verge of exploding due to the large amounts of sand…

    Straits of Mackinaw Straits of Mackinaw, USA

    200 foot long former car ferry scuttled as a dive site.

    Vienna Vienna, USA

    Wooden Steamer Vienna 191'4" 33'8" x 14'1" Launched in 1873 Cleveland Ohio.Cargo of iron ore.Collided with steamer Nipigon September 17, 1892.Ship sank while being towed back to shore. No lives lost.Wreck is intact with penetration possible.There isa lifeboat still on her deck.Site is bouyed each…