Dive in Puerto Galera

    Hole in the Wall Puerto Galera, Philippines

    Situated on Escarceo Point, this dive is typically performed as an 18m/60' profile. Allowing for currents you drop into 9m/30' of well-lit water, with fields of table corals as good as anywhere in the world. You descend in several stepped drop-offs, each about 3m/9' and reach The Hole at about…

    Manila Channel Puerto Galera, Philippines

    An abundance of stony hard coral can be found at this dive site. The reef starts in 1m/3' of water and extends out until two small walls are encountered, which drop down to 18m/60'. Several medium sized groupers live here but are difficult to spot since they are well camouflaged and retreat to their…

    The Canyons Puerto Galera, Philippines

    An advanced dive that requires a good dive guide to allow for the currents to sweep you into position. Racing over several small drop-offs below the Hole in the Wall covered in soft corals and sponges, you can duck into and one of the Canyons for a respite from the current. There is much to find on…

    Sabang Wrecks Puerto Galera, Philippines

    3 wrecks have been sunk to create an artificial reef system.

    Grassland Puerto Galera, Philippines

    Kilima Steps Puerto Galera, Philippines

    Pink Wall Puerto Galera, Philippines

    An overhang which, when dived on the correct tide, is perfect for novices and photographers. Surface conditions can be a little rough. Good night dive.

    Sabang Point Puerto Galera, Philippines

    A good wall dropping down to 24m/80', with stony corals, soft corals many fish and unusual invertebrates such as large cuttlefish and octopus. A ridge rising to 5m/15' is covered with more crinoids that are colourful and corals. A good night dive.

    Shark Cave Puerto Galera, Philippines

    A large overhang, which is a favourite spot for white-tip reef sharks to rest during the day. Also home to Blue Spotted Sting Rays, Moray Eels and Octopus. Usually visited at the beginning of a multilevel dive o the Pink Wall or as a stop on the way to the Canyons. Good for Nitrox.

    The Atoll Puerto Galera, Philippines

    Rising from 33m/110' to 20m/65' this large rock has several small crevices on the bottom side where reef sharks and stingrays can often be found. On the other side, the rock overhangs making it a good place to explore with a flashlight with many eels, lionfish, nudibranchs and octopus. A large…

    Wreck Point Puerto Galera, Philippines

    Excellent corals lead down from the large wreck that is actually positioned on the rocks at the surface. Very nice hard corals and all the expected fish make this a good dive for novices and photographers.

    Odie's Dingding Puerto Galera, Philippines

    A recent addition to the local dive sites, this is an 8m/25' high wall located off Manila Channel. The wall is covered with 3m/7' gorgonian sea fans and large black coral trees, not seen at other dive spots in the locality. Numerous small holes in the wall are home to eels and blue-triggerfish.…

    Monkey Wreck Puerto Galera, Philippines

    A 20m/65' local pig-boat sunk in 1993 lies off the main reef in sand and hosts a large school of batfish and some good-size snappers and groupers. Advanced dive due to depth and since the currents can be very tricky.

    Coral Gardens Puerto Galera, Philippines

    Considered the best snorkeling in the area and a great dive for novices and photographers, it can also be an exhilarating drift dive from Manila Channel to Batangas Channel. Coral strewn terrain shelves out from the beach to 9m/27' where large coral heads can be found on a sandy bottom. Some of the…

    Batangas Channel Puerto Galera, Philippines

    A good drift dive on the right tide this dive site has many unusual sponge and coral formations and is a good place to find some more unusual creatures such as blue-ribbon eels, crocodile fish and stonefish.

    St Christopher Puerto Galera, Philippines

    A retired 20m live-a-board dive boat sunk off the end of the El Galleon Pier in 1995, this is good start to begin exploring the reef fronting Small Lalaguna Beach. After some time enjoying some large snapper that live on the wreck, the current will propel you up to another wreck, The Speedboat, in…

    Ernie's Caves Puerto Galera, Philippines

    Ernie was a large lone grouper, sadly departed. There are two caves, one at 21m/70' and the other at 27m/90'. Plentiful fish life, including shoals of surgeonfish, unicornfish, fusiliers and snappers and some very pretty gorgonian fans at depth. Current can be strong.

    Dungon Wall Puerto Galera, Philippines

    Easy multilevel dive. A wreck sits in 27m/90' at the bottom of the wall. The wall rises to 12m/40' where the bottom extends into the bay for an easy safety stop. Good area to for a lot of colour and all Puerto's regular reef life.

    West Escarceo Puerto Galera, Philippines

    A dive site suitable for all levels. The reef starts in shallow water and follows a steep slope down to 30m/100' . Depending on the current you may find yourself being propelled towards the Canyons or the Hole In the Wall or simply hanging amongst the schools of fusiliers and tunas. Always lots to…

    Sabang Junk Puerto Galera, Philippines

    An old wooden fishing junk sunk off the front of Sabang beach in 1993. A resident school of very friendly batfish and large surgeonfish make this a popular dive. Surrounded by sand, the wreck has attracted many eels, large lionfish, damsels, trumpets, and the occasional stonefish. Flounders and…

    Japanese Wreck Puerto Galera, Philippines

    Situated on a flat sandy bottom, all that remains of this WWII Japanese patrol boat is the engine block and propeller shaft. Two very large moray eels are resident, along with 30+ sweetlips. A large orange stonefish is also hidden amongst the engine along with a wealth of small invertebrates. A…

    Sinandigan Wall Puerto Galera, Philippines

    A real wall goes down to 40m/130', with all manner of corals plus at least seven different varieties of nudibranchs and plenty of larger fish.