Dive in Andaman Islands

    Ray At Johnny's

    Johnny's Gorge Andaman Islands, India

    Johnny's Gorge is one of the most spectacular dive sites around Havelock island!The dive site is also named after an Andaman local, who discovered the dive site many years ago.It is a deep dive site well suited for Advanced divers. The site consists of 2 areas of Coral reef separated by a shallow…

    Campbell shoal Andaman Islands, India

    incredible concentration of fish life

    Lighthouse Andaman Islands, India

    A sloped reef about 30 minutes away from the dive shop , the coral tends to be better in the shallows with lots of Fusiliers, Lionfish, octopus and if divers are lucky a big gang of Humpback Parrotfish. This site is a great place to do night dives; we see lots of macro life as well as very small…
    Green Turtle @ Dixon's

    Dixon's Pinnacle Andaman Islands, India

    Prepare for a mind blowing experience!Dixon's Pinnacle is the number One of the Big Four east of Havelock island!The pinnacle's were first discovered years ago by a local Andaman instructor called Dixon and since then the site has been the one of the, if not The, most popular dive site around…
    Garden Eel @ Jackson's Bar. Picture by Joshua Barton

    Jackson's Bar Andaman Islands, India

    Another one of the Big Four east of Havelock Island.This dive site was discovered by one of our local Andaman divers called Jackson.Jackson's Bar is an enigmatic plateau rising from the ocean floor. It is a very big site and it is easy to get lost here if you are diving without a compass.On entry of…
    Nudibranch @ Minerva's Ledge

    Minerva's Ledge Andaman Islands, India

    Minerva's Ledge was discovered by Jacques Cousteau in the 1970's while he was exploring the Andaman Islands.It is a truly huge site which still has some relatively unexplored spots on it.Doing a drift dive on this site is recommended.Although Minerva's Ledge was hit hard by the coral bleaching…