Minerva's Ledge

Andaman Islands, India

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Ambiance Reef Drift

Minerva's Ledge was discovered by Jacques Cousteau in the 1970's while he was exploring the Andaman Islands.
It is a truly huge site which still has some relatively unexplored spots on it.

Doing a drift dive on this site is recommended.

Although Minerva's Ledge was hit hard by the coral bleaching caused by the Southern Oscillation (El Nino) it has an impressive amount of hard coral still intact.
Luckily we are seeing a rapid improvement in the coral health of Minerva's Ledge.
Among the resident divers on Havelock, Minerva's Ledge is one of their cherished dive site's because of it's size and the amount of different species of fish to be found here.
You can dive here without ever meeting any other divers than your own group.

It is always a surprise to dive on Minerva. You can encounter many different species of fish here. Also Nudibranch are to be found here.
Species include: Oriental Sweetlips, Angelfishes, Various Surgeonfishes, Triggerfishes and loads of different Butterfly fishes.
Also Banded Sea Kraits can be seen hunting here.
Occasionally we spot Green turtles and even a formation of Eagle Rays have been spotted here.

Because of it's shallow depth, the dives can be particularly long.

It is close to the popular dive site "Johnny's Gorge"

(by Remco S.)

  • Nudibranch @ Minerva's Ledge

    Nudibranch @ Minerva's Ledge

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