Dive in New South Wales

    The Fish Rock Cave

    Fish Rock - The Cave South West Rocks, Australia

    This is known to be one of the top 10 dive sites of Australia. This dive starts at 24m deep on the Southeastern side where there is a cave entrance. The cave enter the rock and runs for about 15 metres then rises vertically into a chimney where torches are needed. Often Wobbegongs and Crayfish are…
    Grey Nurse Shark

    Julian Rocks - Hugos Trench Byron Bay, Australia

    According to a story from the Bundjalung people, a jealous husband threw his spear at the canoe of his wife and her lover. The canoe broke in two and sank to the bottom of the ocean. Only the back and the front of the boat stuck out of the water.The depth range for this dive is from 12 metres to 18…

    The Wall and The Apartments Sydney, Australia

    The Wall and The Apartments is without doubt one of the better reef dives to be found around Sydney and if you are looking for fish life. This dive site is located off the Northern Beaches suburb of Long Reef. The Apartments consist of a large drop off with a large bommies to the seaward side. The…

    Dalmeny Boat Ramp New South Wales, Australia

    Kelp beds, gorgonian fans, crustaceans, sponges and a variety of fish life.

    Depot Beach New South Wales, Australia

    Mystery Bay New South Wales, Australia

    Entry at the southern car park at the boat ramp, head north from the ramp approx 30 metres across the sand to the bombies. Resident large common black ray can be seen cruising the bombies. Large kelp beds, gorgonian fans, variety of nudibranchs, crustaceans and a variety of fish life.

    Narooma Wharf New South Wales, Australia

    Moray Eels, crustaceans and a variety of fish life.

    Potato Point New South Wales, Australia

    Kelp beds, gorgonian fans, crustaceans, sponges and a variety of fish life.

    The Empire Gladstone New South Wales, Australia

    Wrecked on the night of September 5th 1950 the ship measured 135 metres long and weighed over 7000 tonnes. She now lies in 10 metres of water just off Merimbula. Though mostly collapsed you are still able to swim through the drive shaft passage and explore around the wreckage which has turned into a…
    Wobbegong Shart

    Julain Rocks - Cod Hole Byron Bay, Australia

    The Cod Hole is an underwater swimthrough about 30 metres from the north eastern tip of the rocks. The Cod Hole opens up at about 15 metres with an entrance about 4 metres by 5 metres, and slopes downward and away to the open sea to a depth of 21 metres.It is the haunt of big moray eels, wobbegongs,…

    Julian Rocks - The Cray Cave Byron Bay, Australia

    The Cray Cave is located on the exposed south-east end of Julian Rocks. As the name suggests there is a small cave or swimthrough. The area is a mass of huge rock outcrops. You will encounter grey nurse sharks, cod, turtles and rays. Black coral trees line the sheer walls of Julian Rocks to the…

    Julian Rocks - The Nursery Byron Bay, Australia

    On the sheltered western side of the rock, The Nursery offers a shallow dive from 5 metres to 12 metres. The reef fish here are prolific. In this general area, in about 8 metres of water, lies the anchor and chain from an old sailing ship - The Volunteer - which was wrecked off Tallow Beach, south…

    Tassie Two Wreck Byron Bay, Australia

    Tokong Burung Byron Bay, Malaysia

    This location, in the south western side of P.Tenggol, resembles a construction site. Boulders and rocks scattered on the slopes and base of the mound. The sandy bottom is thriving with worms and a few colonies of soft coral beautifies the otherwise barren landscape. Fish life also seems to be…
    Leopard Shark

    Julian Rocks- The Needles Byron Bay, Australia

    On the south-west tip of Julian Rocks, the Needles are large bommiesthatcome close to the surface. Current here often brings with itschools oflarge and small fish, and at some times during the year,huge rays.When Julian Rocks is visited by the Leopard Sharks, they areoften foundat this site.The…

    Julian Rock- Split Bommie Byron Bay, Australia

    Situated just north of the Nursery. This site offers a range of large scattered bommies, one of which appears to be split down the middle. You will find a crevice here, usually filled with bullseyes, often concealing a large wobbegong or turtle. The depth here is 15 metres but heading north-west…

    Latitude Reef Forster and Tuncurry, Australia

    Lobster Pot Forster and Tuncurry, Australia

    The Pinnicles Forster and Tuncurry, Australia

    Bowen Island Jervis Bay, Australia

    Crocodile Head Jervis Bay, Australia

    One of the best deep dive. Take care of the current!

    Drum and Drumsticks Jervis Bay, Australia

    rocky reef

    Hyams Beach Jervis Bay, Australia

    Outer tube Jervis Bay, Australia

    Sharks, huge sting ray, moray eel, few corals.

    Point Perpendicular Jervis Bay, Australia

    grey nurse sharks

    Slot Cave Jervis Bay, Australia

    Nice 'cave'. Entrance is approx 16-18 m deep.

    The Arch Jervis Bay, Australia

    Best dive of JB; but for advanced divers only.

    The Seals Montague Island, Australia

    The most popular dive site at Montague Island. Accessible all year round as it is well protected from prevailing wind and sea conditions.Interact with the friendly seals as they twist and turn to the delight of divers of all skill levels. Don't dive here without a camera. Kelp beds cover large rocky…

    Moon Island Newcastle, Australia

    Biggest Tiger Shark breeding site in the world !

    Fingal Head Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, Australia

    Nice sponge garden.

    Fishermans Bay Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, Australia

    This site is a bit of a labarynth with several small islands dotting the bay, the site is shallow in most parts. There is an huge old anchor in the gutters out amongst the furthest islands. Not sure if this is part of a scattered larger wreck or just a random peice.

    Fly Point Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, Australia

    A very popular dive site. Dive at slack tide!

    Halifax Park Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, Australia

    This is probably the best shore dive of the NSW. During summer, the dive site is very crowded.The marine life is incredible here. The best is probably the huge amount of sea slugs! A must for macro-photographers.

    Sewage Pipe Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, Australia

    An alternative to Halifax Park.

    SS Macleay Wreck Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, Australia

    SS Oakland Wreck Nelson Bay and Port Stephens, Australia

    Cathie Wall North Haven, Australia

    Cathie Wall is a rock wall that comes from a depth of 20 meters and tops is 8m. Coved in hard and soft corals of all types making it the best macro dive in the area.

    Cod Grounds Commonwealth… North Haven, Australia

    The Cod Grounds is a massive reef area off Point Perpendicular.The main pinnacle comes up to 18 m. One side of the pinnacle drops to 26 m and the other around 32 m.With Grey Nurse sharks on it all year round and attracts large schools of jew fish and king fish.Combined with some of the best vis in…

    Leah Lumps North Haven, Australia

    Set off two bonniey side by side, comming out off 42m up to 30. With vertical sides lots off narrow gutters to atract all type off fish life.Top off rocks coved in corals and fish life.

    Mermaid Reef North Haven, Australia

    Mermaid Reef is an area of reef with neuromas pinnacles, gutters and bommies.Sites ranges from 12m - 30m and attracts grey nurse, whaler sharks. With a bottom of Large Gorgonian fans, sea spiders it attacks large school of bait fish, sting rays, morays ells.

    OLD Faithful North Haven, Australia

    OLD Faithful is a rock wall that comes from a depth of 25 meters and tops is 10m With a large cave in the base of the pinnacle around it. It often home to schools of jewfish, pelagic fish, bait fish and even the rear eastern blue devil.Old Faithful also boasts a large sponge garden that is equally…

    Titan Crane North Haven, Australia

    The Titan was the largest working crane in southern Australia. When being transported up the coast she turned upside down and eventually sunk off Point Perpendicular.Now Lying on it's side upside down in 40m of water it is getting covered with soft sponges and corals.Large jewelfish, kingfish and…

    Big Seal Rock - The Cavern Seal Rocks, Australia

    This is a unique dive site to meet and photograph Grey Nurse Sharks (at least 60 grey nurses)!The site is very controlled; no more than 6 divers at a time in the gutter, close together to not disturb the sharks.

    Big Seal Rock - The Wall Seal Rocks, Australia

    Great wall dive. Soft corals on the wall and nice coral garden.

    Edith Breakers Seal Rocks, Australia

    Excellent dive with the occasional grey nurse, and with the greatest number of bright and colour fish i have ever seen outside of a tropical region.

    SS Catterthun Seal Rocks, Australia

    SS Catterthun sunk 8 August 1895. This 92 meters longe wreck lies upright and fairly intact. There is huge engine just up four or five metres.

    SS Satara Seal Rocks, Australia

    SS Satara is a huge shipwreck. She is 125 metres long and weight 5200 tonnes. SS Satara sunk 20 April 1910.The wreck lies upright in 44m of water. The stern is on reef and the bow on sand. There are some grey nurse sharks in the area, as well as wobbegongs and schools of red morwong.

    Bushrangers Bay Shellharbour, Australia

    Cowrie Island Shellharbour, Australia

    Kiama blowhole Shellharbour, Australia

    The Arch Shellharbour, Australia

    The Church Shellharbour, Australia

    The Gravel Loader Shellharbour, Australia

    The Gutter Shellharbour, Australia

    This is a nice multi level dive with a sponge garden approximately 20 - 30 mters off shore

    The Loader Shellharbour, Australia

    Black Rock - Northern side South West Rocks, Australia

    The starkness of these two rocks above the surface gives no indication of the beautiful coral garden below. The two rocks are situated off Smoky Cape beach which sweeps southwards from Smoky Cape Lighthouse towards Hat Head in the south. Though there are two rocks, the surge in the gutter between…

    Green Island South West Rocks, Australia

    Green Island is situated just north of Smoky Cape Lighthouse (south of Gap Beach in Hat Head National Park) and can easily be seen from the Lighthouse car park looking north. The island is only a little way off the shoreline - unfortunately difficult access from the mainland means the dive site is…

    Ladys Reef South West Rocks, Australia

    Lady Reef is a small, tennis court size reef off the Front Beach inSouth West Rocks. This is a great spot for a shore dive, for night divesand also for beginners. Expect to see moray eels, catfish, feather stars, resident fishincluding puffers, soft corals and sponges and possibly a…

    Fish Rock - Shark Gutters South West Rocks, Australia

    Located on the southern side of Fish Rock are the Shark Gutters. Three massive gutters which shelve to a depth of 16 metres and descend to a depth of 35 metres.Grey Nurse sharks are found here during most of the year, with large numbers being sighted from early May through to August. These majestic…

    Fish Rock - The Boomies South West Rocks, Australia

    The Bommies are situated on the SE corner of Fish Rock at the bottom of the gutter which leads to the deep entrance of Fish Rock Cave (max 32 metres). This dive can be experienced in a number of different ways depending on the dive plan - a square profile plan will allow greater time at the Bommies…

    Fish Rock - Aquarium South West Rocks, Australia

    The Aquarium at Fish Rock is situated at the south western corner of Fish Rock close by to the Shallow Entrance to Fish Rock Cave and leads into the main Shark Gutter.This dive site is a very popular choice for all divers from beginners to experienced due to the amazing abundance and diversity of…

    Fish Rock - The Wall South West Rocks, Australia

    This 40 metre wall features spectacular sponge growth, giant Queensland Groper, giant Black Cod, enormous schools of fish including pelagics, cruising whalers and hidden caves, as well as the usual Fish Rock selection of tropical, sub tropical and temperate marine life! This is a site for the…

    Black Rock -Southern side South West Rocks, Australia

    The starkness of these two rocks above the surface gives no indication of the beautiful coral garden below. The two rocks are situated off Smoky Cape beach which sweeps southwards from Smoky Cape Lighthouse towards Hat Head in the south. Though there are two rocks, the surge in the gutter between…

    Balmoral Baths Sydney, Australia

    Lots of macro life living on the nets, although very few sea horses left(if any - possibly poached for the aquarium industry? Some schools of bream frequent this area. Watch out for children jumping off the wharf on summer weekends.

    Bare Island Sydney, Australia

    Perfect dive site for for either day or night diving, in almost all weather!

    Bass & Flinders Sydney, Australia

    You can start diving here and drift (at high tide) to Oak Park.

    Camp Cove Sydney, Australia

    Camp Cove is a very accessible dive. During hight tide the visablity is great. During Change of tides the slit bottom causes the vis to drop.

    Clifton Gardens Sydney, Australia

    The shark net has a colony of seahorses. There are also soft corals and sponges. Watch out for fishing hooks and rods.

    Fairlight Sydney, Australia

    Fairy Bower Sydney, Australia

    Shallow, easy dive to navigate. Head straight into the water and follow the reek either left or right and turn around once you're halfway through your air.Lots of things to see like eels, occys and nudi's. Highlight here is if you get to catch a glimpse of the dusky whalers. GREAT night dive!

    Gordon's Bay Clovelly Sydney, Australia

    Enter water at end of path, swim out a few meters and find chain, follow the chain to the wall.

    Harbord Sydney, Australia

    Inscription point Sydney, Australia

    It's a very good place to meet seadragons!

    Little Manly Cove Sydney, Australia

    Good alternative choice if the sea is too rough at Shelley Beach

    Magic Point Sydney, Australia

    Magic Point is a critical shark habitat area for the beautiful Grey Nurse Shark. There are many critical shark habitat areas declared in NSW waters with associated regulations to control fishing. Grey nurse sharks are not considered to be dangerous to humans. They are a passive species with teeth…

    Manly Bombie Sydney, Australia


    North Bondi Sydney, Australia


    Oak Park Sydney, Australia

    Oak Park is one of the most popular dive sites on the Cronulla Peninsula. It's also a great site for night dive.

    Old Mans Hat Sydney, Australia

    A fantastic little spot if you have a boat or go with a dive company. On an incoming tide you can get up to 20m visability to see all the wonderful sealife here. Schooling fish can be seen here, nudibranchs apleny, and keep you eyes out for the giant cuttlefish!On a more recent excursion here we…

    Shark point Sydney, Australia

    This is a classic dive from shore. During summer season, diving is prohibited in Clovelly Pool during between 10am to 4pm. Clovelly Pool is a useful fall-back exit / entry point when seas are rough.Can be dangerous entry point as you will have to jump into usually large surge. Timing essential. Can…

    Shelly Beach Sydney, Australia

    White sand and a natural reef of boulders and rocks. Sea dragons, dusky whalers, small rays... but not much fixed life.

    Shiprock Sydney, Australia

    This is a very famous dive of Sydney South. The name comes from the shape of a rock.Ship Rock can only (except for Kamikazes) be dived for the 1 hour around the peak of high tide (Best is 30 min before, and 30 min after).This dive has usually got poor vis, and is crowded on weekends. Only ever…

    SS Kelloe Sydney, Australia

    SS Kelloe was a iron hulled collier. It sunk 12 May 1902. This is a very good deep dive!

    SS Tuggerah Sydney, Australia

    The SS Tuggerah was a coastal steamer that carried coal to Sydney. It sunk saturday 16 May 1919, with the loss of 6 lives.SS Tuggerah lyes on its port side, the bow of the wreck is destroyed. The ship mast is lying off to the left hand side of the wreck, quite distinctive. The bow is full of…

    SS Undola Sydney, Australia

    SS Undola was a small coastal steamer, sunk december 20th, 1919. It lies upright on the bottom, with its bow facing to NE.

    SS Woniora Sydney, Australia

    The SS Woniora was a collier. It sunk 28 October 1882.Vessel size: 42m long x 6m wide, displacement: 226 tons.It's a deep wreck, ONLY for very experienced diver!

    The Leap Sydney, Australia

    This is for experienced divers ONLY. Dive this site on the incoming tide. You have to leap off a rock into the water, but this is not the problem... you have to exit after your dive ;-)Alternatively, you can exit from The Steps, only 100 meters away from The Leap.

    The Steps Sydney, Australia

    Weedy sea dragons, giant cuttlefish, blue groper, eagle rays, octopus, moray eel, lion fish, Port Jackson shark, sea pen, numb ray, nudibranch, yellowtail, cat fish.

    The Valiant Sydney, Australia

    The Vailant was a tug boat that sunk in 1981. This is ones of Sydneys most recent wrecks.Vessel size: 22.5m x 5.4 m (72 tons).

    TSS Currajong Sydney, Australia

    Blue Fish Reef Sydney, Australia

    Inner Blue Fish Reef is a safe haven for divers when there is a strong southerly blowing or when there are less than ideal dive conditions. Depth gets to about 18m with some kelp, sponges, boulders & caves to be seen. Outer Blue Fish Reef is approx 25m deep and has sponges, large boulders,…

    North and South Head Sydney, Australia

    "The Head's" has some of Sydney's best boat diving sites. All along the headlands from the open ocean to the harbour can be dived. There are about 20 different dive sites including Colours Reef, The Gap, Sponge Gardens, Pollys Point, Waterfall and Quarantine Station. These reefs consist of beautiful…

    The Duckenfield Sydney, Australia

    In May 1889 the 14 year old struck the lee side of Long Reef enroute to Sydney from Newcastle. The crew abandoned ship within minutes while the vessel still lay on the reef. The remains of the vessel lie in 23-24m of water on a vast area flat reef that dominates this segment of coastline. It is…

    The Royal Shepherd Sydney, Australia

    'The Royal Shepherd' sank off The Gap between "The Heads" following a collision with SS Hesketh, 14 July 1890. The two vessels approached each other until the Royal Shepherd was struck on the port side and so badly damaged she sank quickly to a sandy bottom. Predominantly the drive shaft and engine…

    The Centurion Sydney, Australia

    'The Centurion' is a relatively intact wreck, which struck rocks at North Head in 1887 as she was being towed out from Sydney. The Centurion was a fully-rigged barge with a length of 63m which drifted shorewards into the harbour and quickly went to pieces. Swimming over the site today you can see…

    Cook Island Tweed Heads, Australia


    Tweed River Tweed Heads, Australia

    Dive at the top of the high tide for a better viz.

    Snapper Point Ulladulla, Australia

    The Gantry Ulladulla, Australia

    Cuttlefish, occy's, nudibranches, squid etc. An easy and nice dive.

    Pig Island Wollongong and Windang, Australia

    Diving is possible all around Pig Island, but the southern side seems to offer the best all round diving. Depths here work down to about 18-25m, with a great sponge garden and a lot of rocky gullies and walls. This area is part of a reef running towards nearby Toothbrush Island. There is a good…

    Coffs Harbour- Split solitary… Coffs Harbour, Australia