Dive in North Haven

    Cathie Wall North Haven, Australia

    Cathie Wall is a rock wall that comes from a depth of 20 meters and tops is 8m. Coved in hard and soft corals of all types making it the best macro dive in the area.

    Cod Grounds Commonwealth… North Haven, Australia

    The Cod Grounds is a massive reef area off Point Perpendicular.The main pinnacle comes up to 18 m. One side of the pinnacle drops to 26 m and the other around 32 m.With Grey Nurse sharks on it all year round and attracts large schools of jew fish and king fish.Combined with some of the best vis in…

    Leah Lumps North Haven, Australia

    Set off two bonniey side by side, comming out off 42m up to 30. With vertical sides lots off narrow gutters to atract all type off fish life.Top off rocks coved in corals and fish life.

    Mermaid Reef North Haven, Australia

    Mermaid Reef is an area of reef with neuromas pinnacles, gutters and bommies.Sites ranges from 12m - 30m and attracts grey nurse, whaler sharks. With a bottom of Large Gorgonian fans, sea spiders it attacks large school of bait fish, sting rays, morays ells.

    OLD Faithful North Haven, Australia

    OLD Faithful is a rock wall that comes from a depth of 25 meters and tops is 10m With a large cave in the base of the pinnacle around it. It often home to schools of jewfish, pelagic fish, bait fish and even the rear eastern blue devil.Old Faithful also boasts a large sponge garden that is equally…

    Titan Crane North Haven, Australia

    The Titan was the largest working crane in southern Australia. When being transported up the coast she turned upside down and eventually sunk off Point Perpendicular.Now Lying on it's side upside down in 40m of water it is getting covered with soft sponges and corals.Large jewelfish, kingfish and…