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North Haven is a small coastal town on the mid north coast of New South Wales, about 30km south of Port Macquarie and part of the Camden Haven district.  The area is known for its parks and wildlife, both above the water and below it and you'll also find some fabulous beaches to relax in the sun.

Driving from Port Macquarie is the easiest way to get there and it'll take you a little over half an hour.  There are daily flights to Port Macquarie from Sydney and Brisbane or you can drive from Sydney and i'll take you around 4.5 hours.  You'll need a car to really see the area.  

There is some beautiful beachfront or riverfront accommodation and you'll find a lovely double room for about $100.  There are a couple of camping and caravan parks around the town for a budget option.

North Haven is a nature lover's paradise so get out on the water for some fishing, sailing or surfing.  Visit the Kattang Nature Reserve or Crowdy Bay National Park for great nature walks and see how many of the 100 species of birds you can spot.  The North Brother Lookout has some of the most spectacular views in the country.  There are a couple of lakes to explore such as Queens Lake or Watson Taylors, so a relaxing sailing trip is a great way to spend a day.  Discover the many hidden rock pools and swimming holes along the coast.

There is a dive centre in Laurieton or Port Macquarie and about 20 dive sites off the coast of North Haven.  Sea life is abundant and you might see Grey Nurse Sharks cruising in packs or Wobbegong and Port Jackson Sharks sharing a ledge.  There are rock lobsters, the rare black cod or a variety of schooling fish such as kingfish, trevally, pikes and yellowtail.

The Cod Grounds Commonwealth Marine Reserve is made up of a number of rocky pinnicles ranging from 18-40 metres and great for spotting the local shark species.  Advanced divers will love the Titan Crane Wreck which was the largest floating crane in the southern hemisphere and sank in 1992.  Corals have now formed on the crane and it's a very interesting site to explore. 

Macro photographers and wall divers will love the Cathie Wall dive site and all level of divers can enjoy the Mermaid Reef and Old Faithful dive sites with lots of different fish and coral to see.

There's something for everyone in North Haven and you'll be dazzled by the beautiful scenery and cool underwater adventures to be had.


(By Kelly Luckman)


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