The Log

Bocas Del Toro, Panama

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The Log get its name from the bough of an ancient tree, felled by a storm, that used to break the surface at the dive site. The log’s atill around, though it’s now at the mercy of the tides, and lies on the bottom at around nine meters “somewhere” in a sparsely-reefed bay. The dive site site itself features one of the widest (and oldest) variety of coral formations in the area, which stretch along a two kilometer run. There are lots of fish and some spectacular heads of hard coral between 6-10m, decreasing in size as you descend. Most of the reef is angled, but there are some sections where it’s like a mini-wall. Hawkslbill and green turtles, though uncommon, can be seen here from April-early June.

  • photo by ••cd••

    photo by ••cd••

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