Sha'ab Sataya (Dolphin reef)

Hamata, Egypt

Reef Lagoon

Situated south of Fury Shoal, this is one of the most popular dives in the area, made up of a huge lagoon surrounded by an oval-shaped reef with a resident pod of bottlenose dolphins. Seven imposing stacks of coral named Dha'ab Hassan guard the lagoon's entrance with depths ranging from 18m to 22m along the rim, lessening to 12m as you approach the lagoon.
The outer wall of Sataya offers some excellent drift diving with large pelagics and turtles. You are dropped off by zodiac and the dive begins at the north-west edge, keeping the reef to the left. Large outcrops of soft coral cover the wall and white tips are sometimes spotted half asleep under the table coral, slowly moving away as divers approach.

The lagoon is also a common place for night dive.

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Sylvain April 8th, 2013 - 12:26:
What a wonderfull site, we dived in the morning and we saw turtles and a manta ray!!! We also snorkled with dolphins it was just incredible to see that in Egypt. The reef is a very good dive site, you need to do it

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