Mariana Platform

Ibiza, Balearic

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Dive Mariana Platform

Ambiance Wreck

The Mariana Platform was once a fish farm for fattening gilt-head sea bream, 500 metres from the E side of s'Espardell in the strait that divides Ibiza from Formentera.
The platform fell to one side after it was totally abandoned, and has now ended up on the sea floor. Diving down you'll find an utterly amazing underwater 'landscape' created out of concrete columns and metal structures.
While the top part of the platform lies only 11 metres from the surface and the bottom is 32 metres down, suppress the urge to admire the upper part of the structure, and instead dive down to the maximum depth you have in mind. At the base you can explore a labyrinthine landscape where numerous hollows shelter grouper, moray eel and large- scaled scorpionfish, quite unruffled by your presence.
You then begin your gradual ascent, taking in the whole spectacle of this bizarre wreck, swimming through the platform's enormous arches, coming out by the columns, and enjoying the shoals of barracuda that calmly patrol this fascinating submerged hulk.

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    Map of Divesite

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Kit September 22nd, 2013 - 22:49:
Located in the parque natural de Ibiza y Formentera ( The natural park of Ibiza and Formentera.) off the island of Espardell this dive is just fantastic. The fact that it is in the marine nature reserve means that this dive is well cared for and supports lots of life. The visibility is fantastic and on the 40 minute dive we did there we saw a huge shoal of barracuda, a slipper lobster (notoriously rare in these parts) and a large grouper. There were also morays and a myriad of multicoloured nudibranchs. I love this dive and would do it again in a heartbeat. The beautiful shapes of the fish farm and its wide array of fish are why I gave it a 5 out of 5.

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