Johnny's Gorge

Andaman Islands, India

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Dive Johnny's Gorge

Ambiance Big Fishes Deep Reef Sharks

Johnny's Gorge is one of the most spectacular dive sites around Havelock island!
The dive site is also named after an Andaman local, who discovered the dive site many years ago.
It is a deep dive site well suited for Advanced divers. The site consists of 2 areas of Coral reef separated by a shallow gorge. The site boasts some nice swim-through's.

Johnny's Gorge is well known for it's White Tip Reef Sharks and Giant Groupers. Because Johnny's is exposed to the open sea, it sees an abundance and variety of life.
Devil Rays, Eagle Rays and Manta Rays, all have been spotted around this site. A few other of species of Rays frequent this site.

Another interesting feature about Johnny's Gorge are the Giant Barrel Sponges that can be found there. They grow very big. Some of them around Johnny's grow so big that they could fit a diver. What many people do not know about these sponges is their incredible age. Some of the sponges at Johnny's are estimated to be over 1200 years old(!) which makes them some of the most long-lived animals on Earth.

Many species of coral can be found here, as well an abundance of fish life.
Notable species are: Andaman Sweetlips, Striped Sweetlips, Angelfishes, Clown Triggerfish, schools of Longfinned Batfish, Barracuda's etc.

  • Moray in Barrel Sponge @ Johnny's - Picture by Joshua Barton

    Moray in Barrel Sponge @ Johnny's - Picture by Joshua Barton
  • Ray At Johnny's

    Ray At Johnny's

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