Dixon's Pinnacle

Andaman Islands, India

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Dive Dixon's Pinnacle

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Prepare for a mind blowing experience!

Dixon's Pinnacle is the number One of the Big Four east of Havelock island!
The pinnacle's were first discovered years ago by a local Andaman instructor called Dixon and since then the site has been the one of the, if not The, most popular dive site around Havelock.

The site has a lot to offer: It is enigmatic due to the three main pinnacles resting in a triangle on the ocean floor, the pinnacles are covered in many species of colorful hard and soft corals and are surrounded by schools of fish, big and small.

Because of it's location Dixon's Pinnacle sees an abundance of marine life. It is a favorite cleaning station for Giant Groupers. Manta's and other ray's have been seen flying over!

There are many schools of smaller fish so packs of Trevallies can be seen herding up the schools.
The clouds of Barracuda's drift patiently around Dixon's Pinnacle waiting for their turn. There can be as many as 200 Barracuda's in one cloud!

Other inhabitants are as fabulous. Green Turtles love to hang out around the Pinnacle's. Huge Napolean Wrasse's roam around teaming up with the Titan Triggerfishes scrounging for breakfast. Giant Tuna's soar around like eagles.

Everywhere where you look on Dixon's, there is something happening. On some days it is just a sensory overload of activity.
Ballet groups of Dancing Shrimps performing in front of spectating Coral Banded Cleaner Shrimps.
Moray Eels gliding mysteriously through the cracks looking for a place to sleep. Families of Lionfish quietly awaiting the night.

But the most beloved inhabitant is of an psychedelic character. The Juvenile Emperor Angelfish is considered by many the most beautiful little fish swimming around Dixon's Pinnacle. It's blue and white rings are subject to many a photographers lens.

In other words, a visit to Havelock island cannot be complete without at least one dive at Dixon's Pinnacle!

-by Remco

  • Green Turtle @ Dixon's

    Green Turtle @ Dixon's
  • Juvi Angel @ Dixon's. Pic by Rehaan

    Juvi Angel @ Dixon's. Pic by Rehaan

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