Coral Cay

Bocas Del Toro, Panama

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Dive Coral Cay


This dive sit is situated just off the southeast portion of Isla Bastimentos. Named after the small restaurant onshore, this shallow reef is usually visited as part of the day-long tour offered by the dive centers in the region. Although the corals and sponges are on the small side, they are very healthy and colourful. Watch for jellyfish over the sand at the bottom of the reef. This site is a victim of overfishing, so the focus is on the small stuff, but in the shallows near the restaurant you can find an amazing variety of small reef fish and a 1.5m resident barracuda, which are well-acclimated to human presence due to the popularity of the site. These fish are accustomed to being fed. A mild to medium current sweeps over the site with the tides.

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