Dive in Sulawesi

    Tasik Divers Manado Manado, Indonesia

    About 30 minutes drive from the hustle & bustle of Manado is Tasik Ria Resort & Spa. Here with its peaceful and scenic palm fringed backdrop is a family owned and run resort that offers not only luxury and comfort but also a level of warmth and hospitality which in today's frantic world is…

    Two Fish Divers Lembeh Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Tina and Nigel would like to welcome you to North Sulawesi, home of the best diving in Indonesia! They are the owners of Two Fish Divers, a small and friendly PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive operation with two dive resorts that offer some of the best diving in Indonesia:Bunaken Island,…

    Two Fish Divers Bunaken Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Tina and Nigel would like to welcome you to North Sulawesi, home of the best diving in Indonesia! They are the owners of Two Fish Divers, a small and friendly PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive operation with two dive resorts that offer some of the best diving in Indonesia:Bunaken Island,…

    Island Retreat Togian Islands, Indonesia

    When you visit us at Island Retreat, you will find one of the last untouched places in the world. Within twenty to forty minutes from the Retreat, you will find the three major reef formations - fringing reef, barrier reef, and atoll. It is rare to come across all 3 formations in one place. The…

    Pelagian Liveaboard Diving Wakatobi, Indonesia

    The world-renowned Pelagian dive yacht was bought a couple of years ago by the Wakatobi resort and has been completely rebuilt and refurbished. She however retains the charm that peope have come to love over the years that she's been providing discerning travellers with premium cruises. She is now…

    Blue Planet Dive Resort Bira, Indonesia

    Blue Planet Dive Resort is a SSI Dive center located in Bira, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. We offer all types of diving courses and Fun Dives, from beginer to Diver Master. We also have rooms available for divers.On the eastern tip of Southern Sulawesi lies the hidden gem of Bira. Separating the…

    luley dive center Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Luley Dive Center Manado is situated behind the Bunaken National Park. Its location, bordered by a stunning mangrove forest along the coast, makes it a most unique location, right in the heart of Bunaken National Park. This famous marine park is one of the most diverse underwater areas in the world;…
    Prince John Dive Resort

    Prince John Dive Resort Sulawesi, Indonesia

    Prince John Dive Resort is a perfect sanctuary for all avid divers, ocean devotees and travelers to reconnect with Mother Nature, rejuvenate and to savor the local culture and delicious regional cuisine.
    Miguel's Diving

    Miguel's Diving Gorontalo, Indonesia

    Miguel's Diving is the pioneer dive center in Gorontalo, operating since 2003 in this hidden paradise. Let us show you our many dive sites. These include pristine coral walls, multiple pinnacles, caverns, submerged points, wrecks and muck. Come see or photograph Salvador Dali sponges whose surreal…

    Manado Scuba Manado, Indonesia

    Manado Scuba is a full facility dive center operates within Villa Dahlia Resort. Our complete resources starting from Boat Crew, Dive Guide/Master, Dive Assistant Instructor, Dive Instructor, has been working in scuba dive for more than 10 years and knows very well every dive sites around Bunaken…

    Bunaken Seagarden Resort Sulawesi, Indonesia

    The Bunaken SeaGarden Dive Resort is situated at the east coast of Bunaken Island along Pangalisang Beach in the middle of the Bunaken National Park. It´s a small and cozy dive resort with 7 spacious cottages build in the traditional Indonesian style.Scuba diving, Padi courses, Snorkeling trips,…
    Nomad Divers Bangka

    Nomad Divers Bangka Sulawesi, Indonesia

    We are a smalland friendly dive resort on Bangka Island, offering great diving, great food and great company. We dive the best of Bangka, Bunaken and Lembeh.

    Murex Dive Resort Manado, Indonesia

    ive Manado, Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh in Indonesia and experience some of the best dive sites and richest reefs in the world. Murex Manado and Murex Bangka are professional, friendly,
 family-run resorts with outstanding personalized service which ensures that every guest is treated as a friend.…

    Bianca Manado, Indonesia

    Discover the best dive sites of Indonesia by a traditional Buginese schooner.Indonesia is the biggest empire of islands in the world. Some islands are inhabited by people others are unspoiled with impressive nature. The volcanic archipelago is a spectacular blend of coral islands, beautiful beaches,…

    Gangga Island Resort Manado, Indonesia

    On the tip of a small island near Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, lies Gangga Island Resort & Spa. The resort's fifteen wooden bungalows are discreetly set on the edge of a long, white sand beach in the shade of coconut trees.An unparalleled scuba diving experience is waiting for you at Gangga!…
    Lumbalumba Diving

    Lumbalumba Diving Manado, Indonesia

    Lumbalumba Diving is an informal, small and comfortable dive resort in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.With no more than six luxurious chalets (9 rooms), we offer a familiar and flexible atmosphere with the personalized attention you are looking for.”Lumbalumba Diving” is a complete resort…

    Living Colours Diving Resort Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    PADI 5 STAR DIVE RESORT Living Colours on Bunaken Island, Manado, North Sulawesi, is a small idyllic resort with a professional dive centre. We are based on Bunaken Island, in the heart of the world famous Bunaken National Marine Park. Our beach front dive centre with high quality dive equipment is…

    Bunaken Beach Resort Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Diving center and resort on Bunaken Island.Offers scuba diving, snorkeling and mainland tours.Northwest of Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

    Walea Dive & SPA Resort Togian Islands, Indonesia

    Walea Dive & SPA Resort is a small resort that counts 13 sea-front cottages, located on the island of Waleabahi, part of Togian Island archipelago, in Central Sulawesi. It’s situated in the centre of a Protected Area that offers its guests more than two hundred square kilometres of uncontaminated…

    MurexDive Resort Bangka Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    Situated on a palm-fringed white sand beach, Murex Bangka offers a true Robinson Crusoe style experience. Our friendly team will ensure that you and your family have everything you need to ensure a fantastic holiday on this beautiful tropical island.An explosion of color and kaleidoscopic soft…

    MC Dive Bunaken Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Diver resort in Bunaken Island Manado Indonesia.

    Celebes Divers S-10452 Manado, Indonesia

    North Sulawesi Aggressor Sulawesi, Indonesia

    Celebes Divers Sulawesi, Indonesia

    Gangga Island Resort Sulawesi, Indonesia

    Island Retreat Dive Center Sulawesi, Indonesia

    La Rascasse Dive Resort Manado, Indonesia

    MY Aurora Manado, Indonesia

    New MS Liburan Manado, Indonesia

    Nusantara Diving Centre Manado, Indonesia

    The Arlena Manado, Indonesia

    The Serenade Manado, Indonesia

    The Symphony Manado, Indonesia

    Odyssea Divers S-36225 Manado, Indonesia

    Tasik Divers S-36496 Manado, Indonesia

    Two Fish Divers S-6630 Manado, Indonesia

    Bastianos Resort & Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Bunaken Divers (Sea Breeze… Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Bunaken Village Divers Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Froggies Divers Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Panorama Resort Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Bastianos Lembeh Diving Resort Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Black Sand Dive Retreat Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Divers Lodge Lembeh Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Kasawari Lembeh Resort Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Lembeh Divers Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Wakatobi Dive Resort Tukang Besi Islands, Indonesia

    Prince John Dive Resort Donggala, Indonesia

    Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort & Pulisan, Indonesia

    Black Marlin Dive Centre Togian Islands, Indonesia

    Walea Dive Center Resort… Togian Islands, Indonesia

    Blue Bay Divers Bangka Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    Mimpi Indah Resort Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    Selayar Dive Resort Pulau Selayar, Indonesia

    Selayar Island Resort Pulau Selayar, Indonesia

    M/V Paisabatu II Luwuk, Indonesia

    Ciska Makassar, Indonesia

    Dewi Sri Makassar, Indonesia

    Marlin Dive Centre Makassar, Indonesia

    Schooner Majestic Makassar, Indonesia

    Siladen Resort & Spa Pulau Siladen, Indonesia

    Amatoa Bira, Indonesia

    South Sulawesi Diver Bira, Indonesia