Dive in Pulau Tiga

Diving in Pulau Tiga

Here a map of the dive sites of Pulau Tiga:


Travel to Pulau Tiga

Pulau Tiga shot to international fame when it was used as a location for the filming hit TV series Survivor. So if you want to imagine the excitement of Tribal Council or the thrill of winning an Immunity Challenge, drop in for a day. It is not the easiest group of islands to get to and you'll have to find you way there by making travel arrangements from Kota Kinabalu or Labuan.

Located about 45 minutes (15 km) by speedboat southwest of Kota Kinabalu, the Pulau Tiga, which in malasian language means "three", consists of 3 islands all famous for their rich ecological heritage. It consists of Pulau Tiga, Pulau Kalampunian Besar and Pulau Kalampunian Damit (also known as Snake Island, because of the banded sea snakes found there). It has sandy white beaches, a thick, dense rainforest and 11 km of hiking trails through unique flora.

The islands all reach about 100m height and are believed to have been formed by the eruption of several volcanoes (actually there is a volcanic mud bath you can take on the island). There is a resort on the island. The reefs are shallow and visibility can range from about 6 to 20m depending on the season.

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