Dive in Pulau Tenggol

Diving in Pulau Tenggol

Kuala Dungun - Nemo family photo

P.Tenggol offers a plethora of dive sites satisfying all levels of diving proficiency. There are dive sites such as ‘the Highway’ and ‘Fishbowl’ with strong surface swells and rushing currents which provide adrenaline pumping action for experienced divers. There are too, calming dives such as the ‘House Reef’ and the ‘Coral Garden’ otherwise known as ‘Tanjung Pisang’ to ease you back into innerspace. It’s a delight to melt into this watery world, lapsing into a timeless suspension of life. It’s not hard to imagine how therapeutic a trip like this can be to the body and the soul…

Although we have included the general conditions of the dive site ie. current, depth etc..it is all subject to the seasons, the weather conditions and who the divemaster is. Please check with your dive instructor before heading off to the dive locations. Generally, Pulau Tenggol has pretty rough waters at certain times of the year and there have been several accidents in the waters around the island in recent years. Please make sure that you are a proficient diver before attempting to dive here.


Travel to Pulau Tenggol

From afar the island resembles a person perching, so stood the name 'Tenggol'. 'Tenggak' in Bahasa Malaysia means 'to perch' but is pronounced as 'tenggol' in Terengganu's local dialect. For many, many years this deserted island retained its secret whereabouts. Apart from local fishermen waiting out the weather - Pulau Tenggol was pretty much left to nature.

Today, local fishermen still moor their boats at Pulau Tenggol to shelter from sudden tropical sea storms. The other frequent visitors to the island are the turtles. For millions of years, green turtles and hawksbill turtles driven by their instincts have returned to the same beaches they hatched from, some 30 .40.50.60 years ago, to mate and nest.

Now a new breed of visitors has found this tucked-away paradise. Gazetted as part of Terengganu Marine Park, much of the reef remains intact as fishing, spearfishing, harvesting of marine life for decorative purposes and food are strictly prohibited. The superb conservation of the reef has produced the ideal playground for scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, canoeing.

A short ride by speedboat takes you to this wondrously underrated island which offers a traveller an abundance of nature's gifts. Tenggol is especially popular with hardcore divers: The sea conditions here are slightly more unpredictable then many favourite dive arenas on the east coast and it takes a pretty experienced diver to enjoy the place. It's wild, it's dangerous and it's challenging. If you're a good diver and you're in for a rush of adrenalin, this place is for you. At your own risk, of course.....