Dive in Pulau Tenggol

    Batu Tokong Kamudi Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    Coral Garden Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    The sandy bottom of the sea seems to have sprouted a garden of plenty with large Christmas Tree Worms peeping out of their cubby holes in the coral rock, brightly coloured Nudibranchs sliding over coral, like garden slugs.There are large brain corals scattered around the area, playing host to motley…

    Gua Rajawali Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    Lots of suspended sediments made us work a little harder when the visibility dropped to about 5m at any time. This site is similar to the coral garden and is thickly blanketed with soft and hard corals alike and plenty of starfishes and even tennis sponges lay at the bottom and in between rocks. A…

    Pulau Nyireh Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    Great dive site for novice and snorkelers. Schools of barracuda and tuna, groupers, rays, and all the tropical marine life.

    Rajawali reef Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    This is a very popular dive site both interesting for dive training and snorkeling (near the beach). Sharks and mantas can be seen here during exercices !

    Tanjung Pasir Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    This is the best dive we've done in Pulau Tenggol. Reef is good, but the best is shoals of Barracudas, Jacks and Tunas. A great drift dive, maybe not for beginers cos of the strong currents.

    Teluk Air Tawar Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    Tokong Timor/ White Rock Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    This site is approximately 300m off the south western side of the main island. The terrain is generally flat but littered with rocks and boulders. Feather stars of a variety of colours (even white ones) cling on to the surfaces of barrel sponges and anywhere that has good current flow. Sea grass…

    Turtle Point Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    Tanjung Cina Terjun Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    If there is one place in Redang that qualifies as a macro photographer's wonderland, it must be Cina Terjun, one of my favourite sites in Redang. It might as well be called 'eel & lionfish city' too since divers are almost certain to encounter eels and lionfish here.The sandy bottom fringing the…

    Amazing Grace Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    Drift dive with amazing wall coral and big fishes.2 Large White Tip shark around the corner. Size up to 2 - 3 metre.