Dive in Pulau Lang Tengah

Travel to Pulau Lang Tengah

Pulau Lang Tengah or Lang Tengah Island off the coast of Terengganu is one of the nation's well-kept secrets. Its arresting beauty can easily captivate you while you are there. Crystal clear sea-water, pristine beaches and untouched tropical jungle. Its arresting beauty lingers forever in your memory. An island you can call your own, private and tranquil.

One of the notable attractions for scuba divers at Lang Tengah is the possibility of sighting whale sharks or manta rays at certain times of the year. Turtles are present throughout the year as are barracudas and if you are lucky you may also spot a leopard shark.

There are 12 dive sites around the island, with a depth of 7-26 metres and within 5-15 minutes’ boat ride from the resorts. At the nearby Redang, Perhentian and Bidong Islands, there are another 40 sites, within 30-45 minutes from Lang Tengah by boat.