The Highway

Pulau Lang Tengah, Peninsular Malaysia

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Many experienced divers cherish this spot for its swift currents - the feel of the rush. This dive should only be attempted by divers with wide diving experience in open sea conditions.The strong eddy currents on the surface may be a little unsettling but the undercurrent tops it all. Follow your instructor’s instructions carefully or you may find yourself drifting away from the crowd. At certain parts of the route where the current changes course, swim away from the drift for some dive activity. Schools of pelagic fish float by and into a funnel between the large boulders found here. There are plenty of coral trout swimming around the boulders.

On calmer days, take a peek under these boulders and you may find a beautiful golden carpet of cave corals. The resident batfishes often accompany divers on the ascent, circling around at arms length.

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