Dive in Port Sudan


    Blue Belt Wreck Port Sudan, Sudan

    The Blue Belt was a cargo that sunk december 2, 1977. It was carying many Toyota vehicles when she sunk. She lies upside down on the drop-off, between 15m and 70+m.

    Hindi Gidir Port Sudan, Sudan

    All sides are excellent, but the N part seems the best to see sharks.

    Sanganeb - North Point Port Sudan, Sudan

    Great reef, including a lot of different sharks (Hammerhead sharks, Grey reef sharks, Whitetip reef sharks). A must!

    Sanganeb South Port Sudan, Sudan

    An excellent night dive.

    Sha'ab Anbar Port Sudan, Sudan

    Sha'ab Jibna Port Sudan, Sudan

    Sha'ab Rumi Port Sudan, Sudan

    Probably one of the most well-known dive site of Sudan! This was the place for Jacques Cousteau's Conshelf II experiment in 1963. The rest of a dome is still at 9 m deep just south after the west passage of the reef.

    Sha'ab Rumi South Port Sudan, Sudan

    A great dive site, much more interesting than the closer Conshelf site (only interesting because of the Cousteau's historic experiment and wonderful hard and soft corals).Here you find everything! From the tiny sea slug to hammerhead sharks, jacks, tunas, etc.I am amazed that 2-5 kt is a "moderate"…

    Umbria Wreck Port Sudan, Sudan

    The wreck "Umbria" has a cargo of 360.000 bombs that makes the exploring of the wreck still more exciting. The "Umbria" is one of the most famous sunken ships in the world. Lying in the shelter of Wingate Reef, just outside Port Sudan and largely unaffected by currents and tides, it is within easy…

    Winegate Reef East Port Sudan, Sudan

    A very classical dive of the area.

    Winegate Reef South Port Sudan, Sudan

    Nor far from the Umbria wreck. May be a good second dive.

    Blue Belt / Toyota Wreck Port Sudan, Sudan

    The Blue Belt is a cargo ship that sank in December 1977. The cargo was made up of cars, trucks, tractors and spare parts - hence the alternative name of the Toyota Wreck. It is suggested that the crew were smuggling goods from Saudi Arabia at the time and were attempting to pass through the gap in…

    Fasima Suedi Port Sudan, Sudan

    Fasima Suedi is located at a gap in an otherwise very long, unbroken reef call Sha'ab Suedi. It is a pretty coral garden with the opportunity to amble around coral pinnacles. Trevally and jacks are seen out into the deeper water and it is not unknown for dolphins to use Fasima Suedi as a place to…