Fasima Suedi

Port Sudan, Sudan

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Dive Fasima Suedi

Ambiance Reef

Fasima Suedi is located at a gap in an otherwise very long, unbroken reef call Sha'ab Suedi. It is a pretty coral garden with the opportunity to amble around coral pinnacles. Trevally and jacks are seen out into the deeper water and it is not unknown for dolphins to use Fasima Suedi as a place to cross the reef. I entertained myself by studying the snapping shrimps excavating their burrows in the sand whilst their goby stood guard for them.
You can also dive here at night underneath where the liveaboards anchor. While the night dive is not the best available during a liveaboard trip it gives you the opportunity to see coral crabs and if you shine your torch around the coral it will pick up pin pricks of red light as it reflects red shrimp eyes. We also saw an excellent specimen of a batfish on our safety stop and hundreds of small fish attracted to the boats lights.

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