Dive in Rosas

    Beware of boat traffic!The big shoal is good, there is a drop off on the northeast side, and 3 tunnels between the two main part of the shoal.Like many other dive sites, octopuses, groupers and morrays.

    Bau de Cap Falco Rosas, Spain

    Very nice shoal. The top is at 4 m deep, the bottom of the shoal is approx 36 m. There is a drop off on the southwest side.Some lobsters in the cracks and holes, and a lot of octopuses.

    Cap Norfeo Sud Rosas, Spain

    This is a great dive site. A very nice drop off, full of red gorgonians; groupers, octopuses, fish shoals... probably one of the best dive site of the area.

    El Bisbe Rosas, Spain

    Groupers, morrays, octopuses, sea slugs...

    El Gat Rosas, Spain

    This is a DEEP dive for experienced divers only! The wall of El Gat starts by a white gorgonian field, then a red gorgonian field down to 55 meters deep.You can end your dive around El Gat, or to the Cap Norfeu's pool.

    La isla bonita Rosas, Spain

    You can start by the Bau de Cap Falco shaol. Insted of going south, go northeast, cross the sandy channel and dive around the large reef named la isla bonita.There are a lot of tiny lobstars in the reef cracks...

    Saint Prosper Wreck Rosas, Spain

    The Saint Prosper was a cargo built in 1920. She sunk on a floating mine march 8th 1939. It has been discovered in 1967 by the C.R.I.S. (Centro de R?cup?raciones e investigagaciones submarinas) divers.Vessel size: 106 m long, 4330 tons.This is a deep dive for experienced divers only! Take care of…