Dive in Costa Brava

    Ile de Tosca Tossa de Mar, Spain


    Mar Menuda Tossa de Mar, Spain

    Easy dive spot.With a lot a tipical mediterranean sealife.Ideal for night dive.Monkfish in early springtime.Goods "Chiringuitos" to have a meal or a post-divebeer !

    Na Bosca Tossa de Mar, Spain

    Na Bosca is placed very close from Tossa, at less than 5 minuts in the boat, its a easy dive for begginers, with a lot of fishes, with a sand canyon, wheres is placed the most interesting of the dive.

    Roca Muladera Tossa de Mar, Spain

    La Roca Muladera, or also known as La Roca del Moro for the fishermans, is a divespot placed at 10 minuts by boat from Tossa. Its a good dive spot for begginers, and for practice orientation skills. The anchor line is at 14 meters. This places have a lot of nudibranchs, and smoll octupus.

    Isla de Messina Cadaqués, Spain

    Large shoal of fish, a large canyon, groupers, Conger, moray eels, Dentex, gorgonians - everything you studied in the Mediterranean.

    Massa d'ors Cadaqués, Spain


    Matzel Cadaqués, Spain


    Oliguera Cadaqués, Spain

    Nice canyon and a wall, remains of the SS LLanishen

    S'Esquinça Lloret de Mar, Spain

    A place full of Morays, Lovesters, Nudibranch, etc.. This dive spot is places in front of the Lloret Casttle.

    Canyones de Fallaguer Estartit, Spain

    This dive site has two shoals rising at 6m from the surface. Small walls with cracks and crevices with lobsters, red corals, morays...

    Cavall Bernat Estartit, Spain


    Dolphin's cave Estartit, Spain

    A the southern entry of the cavern, there is a small, bronze statue of a dolphin. There are several tunnels in the area, the main one starts at the Dolphin. There is another on on the E side (deeper and darker) and a small one to the W.

    El Medellot Estartit, Spain

    The dive is all around the small island. There are some tiny lobsters in the walls.Another option is to go ESE (about 75m) to the Roca del Mas Ferrer (40m).

    El Negre de Fallaguer Estartit, Spain


    El Salpatxot Estartit, Spain

    Good second day dive. Lot of rocks with all tiny fauna, and some sandy floor around rocks.

    Els Arquets Estartit, Spain

    Escrivana Estartit, Spain

    Start from Tascon Petit and go to the south. There are several rocks at approx 30-35m deep covered by red gorgonians.

    Ferranelles Estartit, Spain

    This is a tipical Mediteranean dive, with both sandy and sea grass floor. It a good site to see Eagle-rays, but also groupers, flat fishs, etc.

    La Llossa Estartit, Spain

    Boulders, cracks, red corals, octopus...

    La Llossa Revesa Estartit, Spain

    La pedrosa Estartit, Spain

    Very quite dive site; protected from the swell by the rock. The dive starts from the little creak formed by the rock; depth here is only 8m, on a gravel seabed with a lot of marine species (octopus, sepias...). The dive is around and inside the rock! You can dive around the rock where a wall running…

    La Vaca Estartit, Spain

    Don't dive directly under the boat buoy, but swim at 3m deep to the cave.There is some large gorgonians at Punta de la Galera, but it's 45m deep !

    Pedra de Deu Estartit, Spain

    Big rocks with lot of groupers. Great wall between 20m and 40m (sandy floor) with large gorgonians and lobsters. There is a little cave at 45m.

    Pota del Llop Estartit, Spain

    This is one of the most beautifull wall of Medes Islands. Just a the begining of the dive, between rocks at 21m deep, there are a lot of octopus. Search for them !At the bottom of the wall, 50 m deep!, there is a large tunnel with conger eels, lobsters and european lobster (homard). An outstanding…

    Puig de la sardina Estartit, Spain

    Punta Salines Estartit, Spain

    There is an amusing little cave and a strange hole where you enter at 10m deep and output at 2m, with nice ray lights coming from the surface.You can dive to the cape, with a small wall with gorgonians.This is not the best dive, but ok for a second dive.

    Reggio Messina Wreck Estartit, Spain

    115m long ferry-boat used to carry trains to Italy. It was towed from Barcelona to L'Estartit in 1991 and sunk.

    Tasco Petit Estartit, Spain

    This is one of the dive wher you can see all Mediteranean Sea kind of fishs, including large shoals of huge groupers !

    Cala Viuda L Escala, Spain

    Cova de la Sal L Escala, Spain

    Cova del Quim L Escala, Spain

    illa mateua L Escala, Spain

    Marmoler L Escala, Spain

    T?nel de la Ferriola L Escala, Spain


    L'Arbre Mataro, Spain

    A rock barrier 20 meter deap.Very close to Barcelona.Cool dive full of marine life dive: shellfish, grouper, moray, nudibranch, ray, conger eel,red scorpion, cardinalfish, etc...Lots of other similar diving spots in the area from the same harbour: El Negre, El Pessebre, El Vell, Els Congres, etc...

    El Boreas wreck Palamos town to Cap de Begur, Spain

    Wreck starts at 18 m depth. bottom is 32 m.

    El Montiell Palamos town to Cap de Begur, Spain

    Rock start at 12m and bottom is at 22.

    Furio de Fito Palamos town to Cap de Begur, Spain

    underwater rock starts at 16 m and bottom is at 54 m.

    Llafranc Playa Sud Palamos town to Cap de Begur, Spain


    Ullastre I Palamos town to Cap de Begur, Spain

    Underwater mountain begins at 11 m. deep and lowers down slowly till about 30 meters deep ending in a group rocks in the east. The north side is covered by eunicella cavolinii and lots of nudibranchia. Other species are diplodus cervinus, nudibranchias, scyllarus arctus , galathea strigosa, octopus…

    Bace de Moli Port de la Selva, Spain


    Cala Mula Port de la Selva, Spain


    Cap Gros Port de la Selva, Spain


    Islas Falboles Port de la Selva, Spain

    Bad viz

    Los tres hermanos Port de la Selva, Spain

    Gorgonians, cold (in june). Nothing exceptional.

    Punta Farallens Port de la Selva, Spain

    A lot of sea slugs...
    Beware of boat traffic!The big shoal is good, there is a drop off on the northeast side, and 3 tunnels between the two main part of the shoal.Like many other dive sites, octopuses, groupers and morrays.

    Bau de Cap Falco Rosas, Spain

    Very nice shoal. The top is at 4 m deep, the bottom of the shoal is approx 36 m. There is a drop off on the southwest side.Some lobsters in the cracks and holes, and a lot of octopuses.

    Cap Norfeo Sud Rosas, Spain

    This is a great dive site. A very nice drop off, full of red gorgonians; groupers, octopuses, fish shoals... probably one of the best dive site of the area.

    El Bisbe Rosas, Spain

    Groupers, morrays, octopuses, sea slugs...

    El Gat Rosas, Spain

    This is a DEEP dive for experienced divers only! The wall of El Gat starts by a white gorgonian field, then a red gorgonian field down to 55 meters deep.You can end your dive around El Gat, or to the Cap Norfeu's pool.

    La isla bonita Rosas, Spain

    You can start by the Bau de Cap Falco shaol. Insted of going south, go northeast, cross the sandy channel and dive around the large reef named la isla bonita.There are a lot of tiny lobstars in the reef cracks...

    Saint Prosper Wreck Rosas, Spain

    The Saint Prosper was a cargo built in 1920. She sunk on a floating mine march 8th 1939. It has been discovered in 1967 by the C.R.I.S. (Centro de R?cup?raciones e investigagaciones submarinas) divers.Vessel size: 106 m long, 4330 tons.This is a deep dive for experienced divers only! Take care of…

    Port Salvi San Feliu de Guixols, Spain