Dive in Hierro

    El bajon Hierro, Spain

    One of the best dives I've done ever. Impressive. When there is current is more complicated but there is much more life tabi (jurel Bicuda, Gallo Blue Sargos ...)

    El Rincón Hierro, Spain

    Only 2 mins by boat from the harbour, the mooring buoy is located in the corner of the port wall and a rocky bar that enters the sea in North-South direction.This bar extends out to the open sea and creates a great wall dive. Follow the bar, reaching a maximum depth of 20 meters. At the end of the…

    La Herradura Hierro, Spain

    Start this dive on a bouy situated on a large rock, between 8 and 12m deep, usually surrounded by dozens of Zebra Seabreem (Diplodus cervinus).In the many cracks live Black Morays (Muraena augusti) and Brown Morays (Gymnothorax unicolor), sometimes accompanied by the rare Goldentail moray…

    La Restinga Hierro, Spain