El Rincón

Hierro, Canary Islands

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Dive El Rincón


Only 2 mins by boat from the harbour, the mooring buoy is located in the corner of the port wall and a rocky bar that enters the sea in North-South direction. This bar extends out to the open sea and creates a great wall dive. Follow the bar, reaching a maximum depth of 20 meters. At the end of the route there is a horizontal ledge where Dusky Groupers (Epinephelus marginatus), Barred Hogfish (Pseudolepidaplois scrofa) and some Canary lobsters (Panulirus echinatus) usually they take refuge . On the way back to the anchor line you can see groups of trumpet fish (Aulostomus strigosus) and groupers (Mycteroperca fusca). In the cracks near the anchor line it is possible to find Porcupinefish (Chilomycterus reticulatus) and, in the winter months, there are often the endangered Angle Shark (Squatina squatina) half-buried in the sand.

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