Dive in Kwazulu-natal

    T-Barge Durban, South Africa

    An old concrete floating crane with the remains of three steel derricks on the deck. Upright and intact in approximately 17-27m of water. Has an abundance of baitfish and the derricks are home to a vast array of reef fish.
    Moorish Idols

    2 Mile Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    5 Mile Reef

    5 Mile Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    The reef has the most diverse coral community at Sodwana, hence it is a dive area reserved for advanced divers who have good buoyancy control. Extensive beds of staghorn, mushroom and plate corals ensure a fascinating community of reef inhabitants can be found here.As five mile is further out than…
    Hawksbill Turtle

    7 Mile Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    The drop-offs and mushroom shaped pinnacles, characteristic of this wonderful reef with its great diversity of marine life make it quiet popular among divers. Turtles and rays are often seen and shoals of brightly coloured goldies and other reef fish visit the coral often.7 mile has been rated by…

    9 Mile Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    The top of the reef is at 4m on the southern edge, dropping to 21m on the north-eastern edge. The highlight of this dive is a green tree that towers about 2.5m. Just south of the green tree is a spectacular system of swim troughs, overhangs and caves. Huge green coral tree.The major draw to this…

    Bikini Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    Ragged Tooth Shark

    Quarter Mile Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    This dive is generally open during the Dec-Jan Holiday season as the spotted ragged tooth sharks are in the area. Close encounters during this season are pretty certain.

    Ribbon Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    This is a stunning small reef for those interested in small creatures. It is also home to Ribbon Eels.

    Stringer Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    Stringer is a bit closer to Jesser Point than the main portion of 2 Mile Reef. It's is home to many different species and is a fantastic place to practice photography. Many Tomato Rock Cod, cleaning stations and paper fish can be found here as well as ghost pipefish.

    Uniform Reef Sodwana Bay, South Africa

    Birthday Ledges Durban, South Africa

    Birthday Ledges is so named due to the high number of surprises hidden in every nook and cranny. The site is the southern most tip of the large Blood reef and therefore should be dived in either no current or in the less common south north current.

    Fontao Wreck Durban, South Africa

    The Fontao was sunk in 1990 to creat a wreck off the coast of Umhlanga Rocks, some 12 km north of Durban. It is an interesting dive site with plenty of mid water fish, as well as lots of reef fish who have settled along the coral on the wreck.

    Ovington Court Wreck Durban, South Africa

    There is very little left of her save for the engine block, keel, beams and steel plates. Home to some rather huge crayfish and quite a lot of baitfish. The area from the North pier to the Umgeni River is a marine sanctuary, hence the large crayfish. Maximum depth is 8m and it is very seldom clean.

    Reef Number One Durban, South Africa

    The dive site is off the coast of Durban in the entry zone of the busiest port of Africa. An interesting dive site however only for advanced and experienced divers.Ensure you have a buoy with you!!This dive site has many boulders and anchor chain peaces. Lot of sharks in this area.

    Vetchies Pier Durban, South Africa

    Vetchies Pier is an artificial reef that was created some 80 years ago. Today it is teaming with corals and fish, espacially plenty of eels & scorpionfish.Take a buoy along since a lot of boat traffic is around.

    Aliwal Shoal Hibiscus Coast, South Africa

    Along the East coast of South Africa, just south of Durban lies a subtropical stretch of coastline known as the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. Visitors to the coast are greeted by warm, welcoming waters of the Indian Ocean and fine stretches of sandy beach set against a backdrop of rolling sugar cane…

    Landers Reef Hibiscus Coast, South Africa

    Kingfish, sea pike, hammerhead sharks and Zambezi sharks to name but a few are often out and about. The reef is very interesting and is a fossilized sand dune with many caves, gullies and pinnacles.

    Produce Wreck Hibiscus Coast, South Africa

    Current on this dive may just pick up - hence hold tight on the anchor line

    Protea Banks Hibiscus Coast, South Africa

    Swimming with huge schools of sharks is the main attraction. Due to depth restraints, the reef is largely unexplored with divers tending to concentrate on a small stretch that is 4 km and 200m wide. Starting at the Northern Pinnacles, a site only for the experienced, divers move south, following the…

    The Nebo Wreck Hibiscus Coast, South Africa

    The Nebo lies upside down in 18-27m of water. Her stern is fairly intact but the bow and midships is quite broken up. The propeller was damaged in the grounding and the blade can still be seen on the Shoal in the Pinnacles area. The stern is home to a large variety of fish and also has a swim…

    Cathedral Rock Hibiscus Coast, South Africa

    Cathedral Rock, in Aliwal shoal, is an impressive dive, with 30 Ragged Tooth Sharks all swimming in and out the natural rock auditorium. The Shoal has lots soft coral, large schools of pelagics and great macro diving. Swim throughs, caves and crevices give the dive sites character and are great fun…

    Elusive Rocktail Bay, South Africa

    Huge groupers! 2 potato bass named 'Bart' and 'Homer'.

    Gogo's Rocktail Bay, South Africa

    The name means 'old woman' in Zulu. The site is so named due to the incredible amount of old woman angelfish.

    Island Rock Rocktail Bay, South Africa

    Long drift dive along (soft) coral and rocky outcrops with pinnacles on the south side.Occasionally shark encounter with blacktip reef sharks, tiger shark and spotted eagle rays. Whale shaks may be seen in the channel.During summer (late December to March each year), you can meet pregnant female…

    Shark Point Rocktail Bay, South Africa

    Great dive site(s). All kind of tropical fish, and loads of female sand tiger sharks in caves, more then 2m tall!

    Solitude Reef Rocktail Bay, South Africa