Aliwal Shoal

Hibiscus Coast, Kwazulu-natal

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Along the East coast of South Africa, just south of Durban lies a subtropical stretch of coastline known as the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. Visitors to the coast are greeted by warm, welcoming waters of the Indian Ocean and fine stretches of sandy beach set against a backdrop of rolling sugar cane hills interspersed with islands of indigenous bush. Umkomaas, (“the river of cow whales”) a small town about 45km to the south of Durban, forms part of this magnificent coastline. 

Renowned for the spectacular dive opportunities created by Aliwal Shoal – a large sandstone reef lying 5km out to sea – the town is a buzz with divers and for the most part, the locals enjoy a quiet and tranquil “small town” existence.
A great dive site during winter since the Ragged Tooth Sharks overwinter here. Stunning reef with plenty of fish, turtles and rays. However conditions change at all times.

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