Dive in Bar

    Main body

    Dague Bar, Montenegro

    One of the most prestigious ships of the French navy, in the 1st WW “Dague”, was built in 1911 in the Lorienne shipyard. On February 24th 1915, it was anchored at the entrance to the port of Bar (Antivari), as a support for the English cargo steamship “Whitehead”. Due to the strong winds,…
    Exploring the cave

    Mikovica Cave Bar, Montenegro

    Mikovica Cave is located near the bay of Bigovica, just 20 min ride from our dive center. It was named after the man who discovered it, the late engineer Mikovic, a passionate diver from Bar.The length of the cave is some 150m in total. 10m wide cave entrance is located at 7m. From there, it narrows…