Mikovica Cave

Bar, Montenegro

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Dive Mikovica Cave

Ambiance Cave Reef

Mikovica Cave is located near the bay of Bigovica, just 20 min ride from our dive center. It was named after the man who discovered it, the late engineer Mikovic, a passionate diver from Bar.

The length of the cave is some 150m in total. 10m wide cave entrance is located at 7m. From there, it narrows down, but there are no tight spots. The cave has 2 branches, each one ending with large breathable air siphon, decorated with stalactites and flaming red color rock. The depth of the cave is only 4-5m, but it is not a dive for inexperienced divers.
The cave is the home to the variety of the local marine wildlife. Extraordinary dive experience for cave lovers.

  • Siphon in a cave, from underwater

    Siphon in a cave, from underwater
  • Stalactite

  • Exploring the cave

    Exploring the cave

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