Dive in Baja California South

    Pelican Rock Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Located on the west side of the bay with a beautiful reef which starts at 20 ft. and gradually slopes to 60 ft. to finally drop down up to 3000 ft. into a submarine canyon. This is a calm protected dive spot with a wide variety of tropical fish such as snappers, sea bass, scorpion fish, puffer fish,…

    El Bajo de los Meros Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

    Anegada Rock Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Great dive site for all divers. The reef goes gradually from 5 to 30 meters deep, then a deep wall up to 40 meters and more... There is a sandy submarine canyon located NNE from the rock, named "Sandfalls" that goes up to 30m. Also good for night dive.

    Neptunes Finger Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Nice dive: Sea Fans, Sponges, Soft-Corals, Gorgonians, some sharks, octopus, barracudas...

    North Wall Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Starts on the reef on a sandy bottom (with garden eels), and follow the slope to the wall.

    The Point Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    The Point is the only dive site wher you dive both the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean!The flat rock nearby is where a small colony of California sea lions live. They usually play with the divers. It's a magical dive. You also may see some turtles and huge sea bass, as well as pelagic shoals,…

    San Benedicto Island Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    San Benedicto is one of four islands in the Revillagigedos Archipelago,more commonly called the Socorro Islands. This area attracts natureenthusiasts and scuba divers because the the numerous large animalencounters experienced at dive sites like "The Boiler" and "The Canyon".Giant Pacific Mantas…

    Roca Partida Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Roca Partida is one of four islands in the RevillagigedosArchipelago, more commonly called the Socorro Islands. This pinnaclerises 115 feet above the ocean's surface, but is only 300 feet wide.Beneath the surface it's a magnet to pelagics and large schools of jacksand tuna. It can only be reached by…

    South Wall Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Is a deep dive for advanced divers who can admire a rock formations with a sandy bottom sloping into the great submarine canyon. It is a home to large amounts of marine life and pristine coral formations. There is a chance to see tunas, bonitos, schools of pigmy mantas and groupers patrolling the…

    El Islote Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

    El Vencedor Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

    Las Casitas Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

    Outer Pulmo Coral Reef Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

    Sea Lion Colony Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

    The Colima Wreck Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

    The Colima Wreck lies in 15 m (50 feet) of water. It was a Mexican fishing vessel that sunk during a storm in 1939.