Dive in Sematan & Kuching

    Pulau Talang Talang Sematan & Kuching, Malaysia

    lying off the mouth of Sematan River is a protected turtle sanctuary for green, hawksbill and olive ridley turtles.

    Katori Maru Sematan & Kuching, Malaysia

    The Katori Maru is a world war II shipwreck located about 50 km from the mainland. It was a Japanese troop carrier which was sunk by British aircraft. The wreck is not covered much and visibility is poor at 5 to 8 meter.

    Sagiri Destroyer Sematan & Kuching, Malaysia

    The ship main feature is still intake. Min. Advance certification with experience required for divers going to this site.

    Hiyoshi/Hie Maru Sematan & Kuching, Malaysia

    The ship is estimated at 130m long and 20m width. The deck is at 14m with maximum depth of 21m which is perfect for multilevel profile. The wreck is home to schools of barracudas, snapper, batfish, grouper and jacks.