Dive in Sarawak

    is a shallow reef (6 to 9 m) covered with soft corals and anemones. During August, migrating green turtles can be found here.

    Sea Fan Garden Miri, Malaysia

    lies between 15 and 20m with many gorgonian sea fans and sea whips.

    Grouper Patch Miri, Malaysia

    a rocky outcrop (18 m max. depth) covered with hard and soft corals and - of course - inhabited by several giant groupers.
    is the reef furthest from shore, about 24-28 km (40mins by boat). The reef consist of several longish strips with a wall which drops off from 20 to 45 meter. Its possible to see reef sharks, napoleon wrasses, groupers, schooling mackerels and barracudas and turtles. During certain times of the year…

    Kenyalang/ Tyre Reef Miri, Malaysia

    There is also an artificial reef,built by the Malaysian Fisheries Department. Kenyalang or also known Tyre reef,is a large piece of redundant oil rig teeming with small fish. 13m to 22m max depth. A surprisingly nice dive.

    Atago Maru Wreck Miri, Malaysia

    The Atago Maru Wreck is a second world war Japanese merchant ship and lies just off Lutong (north of Miri). The 105 meter ship is sitting upright with the top deck just 9 meter from the surface. Most of the hull is covered with corals. Visibility is not always good due to silt, but it teems with…

    Sri Gadong Wreck Miri, Malaysia

    is a small 30m cargo ship lying in 20m on a sandy bottom, about 40min boat ride south of Miri. Also there are two barges and the bow of an unknown vessel (believed to be an oil tanker sunk in WW2.

    Eve's Garden Miri, Malaysia

    One of the best shallow reefs as it is large and varies from 6 to18 metres and has many species found upon it. It is covered in healthy corals. There are about 15 other shallow reef formations.

    Batu Suleiman Miri, Malaysia

    30 metres at its shallowest, dropping to 45 metres. The water is normally clear and many fish are found here.

    Santak Miri, Malaysia

    Shaped like a dogs bone and covered in large Gorgonian fans at the west end. 25 – 30 metres deep. Some of these reefs are 800 metres long and 100 + metres wide and would take several dives to explore.

    Pulau Talang Talang Sematan & Kuching, Malaysia

    lying off the mouth of Sematan River is a protected turtle sanctuary for green, hawksbill and olive ridley turtles.

    Katori Maru Sematan & Kuching, Malaysia

    The Katori Maru is a world war II shipwreck located about 50 km from the mainland. It was a Japanese troop carrier which was sunk by British aircraft. The wreck is not covered much and visibility is poor at 5 to 8 meter.

    Sagiri Destroyer Sematan & Kuching, Malaysia

    The ship main feature is still intake. Min. Advance certification with experience required for divers going to this site.

    Hiyoshi/Hie Maru Sematan & Kuching, Malaysia

    The ship is estimated at 130m long and 20m width. The deck is at 14m with maximum depth of 21m which is perfect for multilevel profile. The wreck is home to schools of barracudas, snapper, batfish, grouper and jacks.