Dive in Pulau Mabul

    Mandarin Fish in Mabul Reef

    Mabul House Reef Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    House reef in Mabul is outstanding, either you are in the Sipadan Water Village, in the homestay or in the old oil rig. Usually these places offer free diving here with their packages and is crazy not to use it.You can find lots of lion fishes, crocodile fishes, stone fish, small barracudas, potato…
    Pygmy Seahorse

    Seaventure Dive Platform (Oil… Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    Descend down the leg of the Oil Rig onto the sand and explore amongst the rubble and coral for the coolest critters on the planet such as nudibranchs, ribbon eels, frogfish, the amazing pygmy seasorse, shrimps, crabs, crocodilefish, stonefish, scorpionfish and many more macro critter you only…

    Crocodile Avenue Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    Nice muck dive. Crocodilefish, Seahorses, Snake eel, Ghost fish... A very nice dive for macro.

    Eel Garden Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    Blue ribbon eels, mantis shrimps, batfish...

    House Reef Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    Muck dive, looking for camouflaged creatures: Seahorses, Ghost pipefish, leaf fish etc.
    Nudy in the wall

    Lobster Wall Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    Nice wall with a cave full of lobsters. Same inhabitants than the other dive sites.

    Ray Point Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    Viz around 5m. Bigger fish than on the northern side. Some gorgonians, groupers, lionfish and of course Bluespotted ribbontail rays :)